The pressure on Solskjær: A repeat of a crisis

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Everton inflicted Ole Gunnar Solskjær his most embarrassing moment as Manchester United manager. Now the Norwegian can hardly stand another heavy lead night against the blues.

There is often reason to find clumps of salt when rumors start to circulate in England that a manager is allegedly insecure. With the very fluctuating periods Solskjær has delivered since he got the dream job, there has not exactly been a lack of scope in the characteristics of him.

It is not long since the praise was many after tactical triumphs against PSG and Leipzig, but now a crisis alarm is sounding again.

Is it so “wolf, wolf” when the teeth are stained this time, or can the Solskjær era go to the end so soon after the strong end to last season?

It is difficult to be categorical about this, but the information that appears in the Manchester Evening News should in any case disturb the Norwegian.

If one is to believe the information from Samuel Luckhurst, the newspaper’s “chief writer”, the club has been in contact with former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino in what appears to be a probe if there is no rapid improvement.

In any case, the case puts further pressure on Solskjær, who already has to live with critical questions about his own position for at least five reasons:


It helps little with uplifting experiences from time to time, as long as the results and achievements are as varied as they have been since Solskjær took over. The initial protection period is long over, and it must now be possible to demand that a club of Manchester United’s format swing less and deliver at a more stable sporting level. Of course, it is not only Solskjær’s fault that it goes up and down so much, and the gods should know that his predecessors also struggled, but his team appears more than helpless on days when it is not sitting. The basic game is a key word that is constantly being touted, and it is an increasingly relevant question when Solskjær has used up the quota to show the bottom level. In this sense, both the time of the defeat against Basaksehir in Istanbul, and the way it occurred, were very unfavorable for Solskjær after a bumpy league start.


The list in Manchester United is to be among the best, and then the club will also have one of the world’s best managers. In adversity, it automatically becomes a problem for Solskjær that he has so little documented success as a manager, compared to who leads the competitors. Now he is going up against Carlo Ancelotti’s Everton. Then a couple of Norwegian trophies are reasonably thin compared to having won the Champions League with three clubs, which is just a part of what the Italian can hit the table with. Solskjær has United DNA and will always be a legend, but it is an inconvenience for him that it is possible to ask the question whether he is actually qualified for a job of this size.



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