The President’s Plane Raffle

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One of the things he did leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the moment of arrival to the presidency of Mexico was to create the Institute to Give Back to the People the Stolen. In his quest to become a champion against waste, the president, popularly known as AMLO, did not hesitate to start an initiative that has become the soap opera of the last half year in Mexico, only surpassed by the harsh reality of the covid. To report the outsized spending, Conservatives Felipe Calderón, first and Enrique Peña Nieto, then, to AMLO The only thing he could think of was to raffle off the presidential plane of his predecessors, giving fuel to those who call him a populist for a while.

The madatario did not foresee that public goods cannot be raffled or donated. But far from abandoning the idea, he went further and kept the raffle for the value of the presidential plane, set at $ 95 million. The raffle was held yesterday despite the fact that the aircraft in question has not yet been sold and is already collecting rejections from the US and Canada. He has been resting for two years in a hangar of the Mexican Air Force, an installation that the president also did not hesitate to give to the citizen who won the plane.

“A palace for the heavens”López Obrador described the luxury aircraft, “an insult to the people of Mexico with so much need and poverty.” AMLO, than he carried out press appearances inside the plane to show it publicly, he has always maintained that this money must return to the Mexicans. “It is an example of the excesses that were committed,” he explained in reference to the management of his neoliberal predecessors.

Six million ‘little bits’

The little bits , as the six million tickets with the image of the plane stamped for the raffle of the Great Special Draw 235They have been paid at 500 pesos each (about 20 euros) and the hundred winners will be awarded 20 million pesos per unit (about 800,000 euros). The prizes account for two thirds of the amount collected and the rest, as the president has been in charge of explaining by active and passive, will be used for the purchase of medical equipment. If the winning tickets have not been sold, the prize will affect the health services. They began to be marketed in early March but the sale has been paralyzed for more than three months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The raffle was held yesterday with 70% of coupons sold.

“With the plane, once again López Obrador exploits the use of symbols to have political profitability. What matters to him is to say they see the luxuries and privileges of before in the face of my austerity,” he argued to the AFP José agency. Antonio Crespo, historian and political analyst.



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