The President of Uruguay is committed to the “austerity” of the governments to fight against the pandemic

The president of Uruguay, Alberto Lacalle Pou, has opted for “austerity” to fight the consequences of Covid, recalling that his Government lowered salaries and officials with more than 1,800 euros per month. This Spanish-American country is an example in the fight against pandemic, with a formula based on an «exceptional expense not very large

The Ibero-American president has starring the first online “ABC Spain-Uruguay Forum” where the challenges it faces have been analyzed Lacalle Pou, Since last March 1, he assumed the Presidency of the country, with the aim of facing the economic earthquake and social that is causing the Covid.

Lacalle Pou affirmed that the rulers cannot act “based on their internal electorate” because the opinion that counts “is that of the country,” and he advocated not increasing the tax burden on citizens.

The director of ABC participated in this meeting, Julian Quiros, who has interviewed the Uruguayan President, who in turn has maintained a dialogue with the former Prime Minister, Felipez González. Likewise, the CEO of Cointer, Alfonso Budiño, has taken the floor.



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