The Sixth Section of the Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has sentenced to 23 months in prison the President of Islas Airways, Miguel Concepción, as guilty of a continuing crime of aggravated fraud. His daughters Verónica and Eloisa Concepción Rodríguez have been sentenced to eight months in prison as accomplices of the same crime.

During the oral hearing of the trial, the also president of the CD Tenerife He admitted his guilt and accepted his sentence, as did his daughters. Thus, the judgment of conformity declares proven that the defendants, between 2008 and 2011, in their capacity as responsible for the aforementioned airline, made a fraudulent interpretation of the Royal Decree which regulates the procedure for Canarian citizens to enjoy a discount on flights.

The defendants knowingly sent flight files and certifications to the Ministry of Development “which appeared to be correct and had documentary support,” which lIt is allowed “to overcome routine controls, when in reality they lacked support or did not respond to reality, thus achieving bonuses higher than those actually due in the terms required by the Royal Decree and the Subsidies Law, for an amount of 8,399,180.32 euros “.

In addition to the criminal conviction, the ruling imposes on Concepción and her daughters the special disqualification for the right to obtain subsidies or public aid and the right to enjoy subsidies or tax incentives or Social Security during the duration of the main sentences , and states that They must indemnify Fomento in the amount of 3,987,769 euros.