Valentino Rossi set off alarms by announcing his positive for coronavirus, which will prevent him from participating in the two races at Motorland, but the words with which he communicated the contagion they felt tremendously bad in said autonomous community and its president, Javier Lambán, has charged the pilot.

Rossi, who is isolated at his home in Tavullia, celebrated not have had to stay in Aragon to comply with the quarantine and pointed out on Radio Deejay that “if I have to isolate myself for a week in Aragon, I throw myself off the balcony. “

The pilot’s contempt provoked the response of Lambán, who used social networks to criticize the pilot pulling irony, because he invited him to come back “whenever he wants” but he dropped that he must get cured of something else than the coronavirus.

“Come back whenever you want but, please, heal first. But, heal completely, that COVID is not his main health problem “, replied the head of Aragon on his Twitter, with a photo of the pilot.