The coronavirus creeps back into the Premier League, where they have been posted eight new positives by COVID-19 among the players and employees of the clubs in the competition.

The Premier itself confirmed the eight infections and also reported that, between Monday, October 12 and 18 of the same month performed 1,575 test to players and members of technical bodies.

Players and employees who tested positive and whose names have not been disclosed, they will have to be isolated for a period of ten days before he can go back to work with the rest of his colleagues.

It should be remembered that only a few days ago the English league was shaken by the flagrant violation of the coronavirus protocol of three footballers, Tammy Abraham Y Ben Chillwell of the Chelsea, Y Jadon Sancho of the Borussia Dortmund, who were hunted at a party with more than six people, the maximum established local law for meetings,

As reported by The Sun, there were at least 20 people at the surprise party by the forward of the London team, without any preventive measure to avoid contagion: no masks, no social distance.