Senator Chico Rodrigues is suspected of corruption, and police found cash hidden in his pants.

Brazilian police found the senator Rodriguesin boy possess hidden money while riding this. Rodrigues has been investigated for corruption and is suspected of abusing corona subsidies, in connection with which the raid was carried out. According to a lawyer source quoted by Reuters, Rodrigues had hidden money between his buttocks.

– Police hold video footage of investigation, Brazilian Supreme Court judge Luis Roberto Barroso write in his decision.

– In this case, however, I will not share footage to avoid further humiliation, given how Senator Chico Rodrigues had hidden his money – quite deep into his panties.

Rodrigues admits in his statement that his apartment was ridden. However, he did not provide details of the situation. He denies the abuses and asserts that he acted in accordance with the law throughout his political career.

Representatives of the senator have not commented on allegations that money was found in his pants. However, several Brazilian newspapers have reported on the location of the money, citing unnamed sources.

– Some of the banknotes found were stained with feces, the Brazilian newspaper reported Revista Crusoe.

Rodrigues represents the state of Roraima. However, Supreme Court Justice Barroso expelled him from the Senate for 90 days. The Senate can also make the shelf permanent.