The Polisario Front considers the ceasefire with Morocco broken

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The Polisario Front has announced that it considers inside the agreement from Stop the fire signed with Rabat in 1991 and has declared a state of war throughout the territory in response to the attack perpetrated on Friday at Moroccan forces at border crossing from Guerguerat, which links Mauritania with the territory occupied by Morocco in the Sahara Occidental.

While the decree signed by the general secretary of the Polisario Front and president of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic , Brahim Ghali, dozens of volunteers began to enlist in the barracks of the refugee camps raised ago 45 years in the Algerian region from Tindouf as in the so-called “liberated zones”.

“From now on, all military regions are mobilized. Military schools have been opened, which are filling up with people and in which express training is offered so that they can join the battlefield as soon as possible,” he told Efe. a military officer who preferred not to be identified for security reasons.

Social mobilization

On Friday, shortly after the Moroccan offensive spread in Guerguerat and that Ghali himself warned the HIM-HER-IT Of considering the action “a flagrant violation of the truce”, hundreds of people took to the streets of the camps to ask for arms to the already traditional cry of the Arab world “with our blood and our soul” we will defend our land.

There were also demonstrations on Friday night in cities occupied by Morocco, particularly in the Aioun, which were repressed by the security forces. Witnesses explained that the Moroccan gendarmerie had made several arrests. “The citizens of the occupied areas are also eager to join the battle and prepare their own actions,” an activist in the occupied Aioun explained to Efe.

The tension between Rabat and the Polisario has exploded since a group of Sahrawi activists block the Guerguerat border crossing, linking Mauritania with the Moroccan-occupied territories in the former Spanish colony of the Sahara Occidental.

Exchange of aggressions

On Friday, Moroccan military units crossed the dividing line to break the lock and lift a security corridor, an action that triggered an exchange of fire between the Moroccan Army and the Polisario forces stationed in the area.

Hours later, Sahrawi units bombed four military bases and two Moroccan checkpoints located along the security wall built in the desert, the longest in the world with more than 2,500 kilometers in length.

Although the Polisario assures that there were “enemy victims”, this information has not yet been confirmed or denied by Morocco, nor has it been able to be corroborated by independent sources. “Morocco is not going to admit the victims. Nor that it is at war, but it is also preparing. For years it denied the existence of Moroccan soldiers imprisoned by the Polisario. It is its policy but the reality is different. The Sahrawi people are tired of waiting and not is going to accept more maneuvers, “a sahrawi high command in Rabuni.

Academics, analysts and international security experts agree that beyond its importance as a trade route, Guerguerat appears in the Polisario’s argument as the penultimate tool to try to reverse the trend that the conflict has taken, paralyzed by the inability to the UN to launch the self-determination referendum that both parties accepted the signing of the truce of 1991. And of the delays in Morocco, which in 2019 announced that it no longer contemplated either self-determination or independence, and that it was only willing to accept a wide autonomy, in an interpretation proper to international resolutions.

In this warlike context, Ghali this Saturday blamed Morocco for all the consequences arising from its attack in Guerguerat, has decreed a state of war throughout the territory, has imposed a curfew and stressed that from this moment the Saharawi Armed Forces assume full control of national security.

He also ordered the National Security Authority, headed by the Sahrawi Prime Minister, Hamoudi Bouchraya Beyun, “to take measures related to the implementation of the state of war requirements with respect to the management and administration of national institutions and bodies, and to guarantee the regularity of services to the population”.

In addition, it imposed a curfew in all areas under its control to prepare for a war whose course will depend, to a large extent, on the position it takes. Algeria, rival of Morocco and main financial supportO, politician Y military of the Polisario.



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