The so-called Healthy Eating Plate (Healthy Eating Plate), is a visual method created by the nutrition experts of the Harvad University School of Public Health (HSPH), which is used as a guide to organizing healthy and balanced meals.

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This method consists of dividing the plate into four parts, that is, in four proportions that are organized according to the different types of food and what they contribute to the body.

Divide the plate into four parts

The first and second parts correspond to the middle of the plate. In one of the parties it must cPlace vegetables and fruit on the other side. The HSPH recommendation is that different varieties of fruit and vegetables be added to the plate.

In third place, a quarter of the plate should be used for whole grains, that is, whole wheat, quinoa, oatmeal, rice, or foods made with these ingredients, such as whole wheat pasta. These foods have a more moderate effect on blood sugar levels than white bread or other refined grain foods.

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The last quarter of the plate must be prepared with protein foodssuch as fish, chicken or legumes. Limit red meats and processed meats such as bacon or sausages.

As for the oils, it is advisable to choose those that are vegetable and healthy, like extra virgin olive oil or corn oil. In addition, for the drink it is advisable to drink water, coffee or tea, avoiding sugary drinks. Milk and other dairy products they should be taken once or twice a day.

It also undergoes a significant increase, although not as pronounced as other foods. The kilo goes from 0.42 euros to 0.97 euros.
Five foods to keep your summer tan for a few more days

Finally, it is very important, in addition to carrying out a healthy and balanced diet, keep your body active and exercise regularly.

The following photograph shows the visual representation of the plate for healthy eating and the specifications on what each part of this plate should contain. The image can be downloaded at this link in Spanish to be able to stick it in the fridge and carry out this method at home, as recommended by the HSPH.

Healthy Eating Plate from Harvard School of Public Health.
Healthy Eating Plate from Harvard School of Public Health.
Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH)