The Pink Panther is back in a movie, this time in person!

A reboot of The Pink Panther is in preparation: there is always an inspector, but the story is a bit different, it does not focus on a Clouseau of the case. Jeff Fowler directs.

If we tell you about a reboot of the Pink Panther, the series with would come to mind with some perplexity Steve Martin in the shoes ofInspector Clouseau which was of the immortal Peter Sellers, a rather clumsy revival attempt: this time MGM has put in the pipeline a new film about the Pink Panther, a hybrid of animation and live-action set in a different way and directed by Jeff Fowler who has already dealt with Sonic – The Movie. What is it about?

The Pink Panther, a new film without Clouseau but with the Pink Panther

The new Pink Panther of Jeff Fowler branded MGM will follow the adventures of a detective, but this time no uncomfortable comparisons, it will not be Clouseau, on the contrary: the story will focus on a rather clever inspector, who, however, after a trauma, finds himself at his side a imaginary friend, just the Pink Panther we all know. The bizarre being will help you solve the case.
This doesn’t seem like a bad idea: in fact, until now we had been more bogged down in the impossible task of chasing the Peter Sellers myth, but little had been done on animated character which, thanks to the excellent characterization work of the DePatie-Freleng studio, had entertained the public in the opening credits of the saga with Sellers, since the credits of the very distant Pink Panther from 1963.
Over the years, among other things, a famous author of international animation such as Richard Williams (later co-director of Who Framed Roger Rabbit) for The pink panther strikes again e The pink panther challenges Inspector Clouseau. Nor should it be forgotten that in 1964 just a great ex-Warner like Friz Freleng directed the surreal The Pink Phink, Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.
In short, we don’t know what the result of this new Pink Panther will be, but at least in Hollywood there is a recycling thought less kamikaze than usual.


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