The pillars of Fuerza de mujer, the new Turkish novel by Telefe

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The channel was going to give it in the afternoon, instead of “And you want to be?”, But it reserved it for prime time: from this Monday 5 it will be in tandem with another premiere, “MasterChef Celebrity”.

This Monday, October 5, at 9:45 p.m., Telefe pulls out a new Turkish novel from its sleeve, Woman strength. And they go … The funny thing is that, instead of adding it to the Turkish fiction platoon, she reserved it to promote the prime time.

This melodrama tells the story of Bahar (played by actress Özge Özpirinçci), a woman who she was abandoned by her mother at age eight, and grew up amid many uncertainties.

After a lonely childhood and adolescence, she meets Sarp (as Caner Cindoruk), the man with whom she falls in love and, together, they form a family with two children, Nisan (Kübra Süzgün) and Doruk (Ali Semi Sefil) .

However, her happiness ends when her husband dies in an accident.

Bahar, by force of will and love, will have to move forward with his family: She will raise her children alone, in a precarious situation, and putting her principles to the test.

What encourages her most in the face of all her challenges is the memory of her husband, to whom she tells her problems. This round trip serves as a bridge between his past and his present.

However, it also prevents you from looking sentimentally forward, as you feel there is no place in your heart for another relationship.

Also, when his mother, Hatice, comes back into his life after 20 years, Bahar has to deal with his past. Again.

And last but not least, her younger sister, Şirin, It will make life impossible for him so that he cannot regain his relationship with his mother.

The story, whose original name is “Kadin” (woman in Turkish), is based on the Japanese drama Woman: my life for my children (Woman, my life for my children), written by Yuji Sakamoto.

If you know: the phenomenon of the Turkish novels is installed in the afternoons of the channel of the balls. What’s more: it was supposed that, when it ended And who are you?, three weeks ago, I would go instead Woman strength. But the channel’s programmers preferred to keep it to further strengthen the prime time.

Thus, starting this Monday, the 5th, that competitive segment will be made up in a multi-gender way: at 20, Telefe news; at 9:15 p.m., the Brazilian novel Jesus; at 9:45 p.m. Woman strength; at 10:30 p.m. MasterChef Celebrity (also premiere of the day) and, at 11:45 p.m., always as part of the celebrations of the 30 years of the channel, the repetition of Educating Nina.

The pillars of Woman strength there are several.


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