The Myyrmäki football arena in Vantaa landed a really heavy fog on Friday night when TiPS and HJK clashed in the National League.

– It was like 15-20 minutes when you didn’t see anything, explained the match to the Ruutu service Juha Järvinen tells Iltalehti.

It was therefore practically impossible to interpret the match for a while.

– In that situation, would have liked that Tuomas Virkkusen the legendary story of Pedro would have been in his own back pocket as well, the narrator smiles.

Järvinen didn’t have that, but he still survived the situation with honor.

– I went through a bit of the league table and how the last games had gone. It was much more than just explaining the game.

Fortunately, the situation was alleviated by the fact that Yle was involved in making the broadcast. Thus, it was a multi-camera production, from which Järvinen also benefited.

– I also saw close-up cameras placed behind the paint on the screen.

However, you could see something from the nearby cameras as the game spun near the goal. Järvinen dug up more information about the audience’s reactions.

– I tried to get a little sense of what was happening on the ground.

Help from the viewer

Järvinen has never before described in a similar fog.

– I don’t know if anyone has had such mists to explain.

– It was so thick! It was like being a decent pyrot! I already wonder if the supporters of HJK ​​and TiPS have pulled the pyros to the field together when nothing is shown, Järvinen laughs.

The game reminded me of the golden cucumber at a review gig a couple of years ago in Valkeakoski, where he explained the Finnish Cup game from a van knob. The narration became awkward as it started to snow.

– I had to ask one of the spectators if he could go wipe the snow layer off the windshield every few minutes so I could see the field.

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The ball remained on the ground

Myyrmäki’s Friday night survived without snow, but the fog was so heavy that it affected not only the narrative chores but also the teams’ play: the substitutions disappeared completely.

– They didn’t come. They would have been blind feeds. The ball was spun down the ground through the ground floor if one wanted to turn to the other side, Järvinen says.

– Fortunately, there were two teams facing each other, basing their game on a short pass game, so the game style didn’t need to change much.

According to Järvinen, there were no special errors on the field that would have been caused by the fog.

TiPS, who won the match 3-0, survived the challenging conditions better. At the same time, the league top secured at least silver medals in the League of Nations when the teams still have 1-2 matches to play.

HJK, who is fourth in gigs, is still fighting for bronze medals with KuPS (3rd) and FC Honga (5th).