The Delonte West situation continues to be worrisome. The one who was 9 seasons NBA player of teams like Cleveland Cavaliers, among others, he lives in poverty after having lost all the fortune he amassed as a player.

Already in January of this year videos of his dramatic situation came to light in which he was seen being attacked in the middle of the street. At that time the NBA community was amazed at his condition and some assured that they would help him.

However, months later, he continues in a delicate situation. The former player, who suffers from bipolar disorder, has been captured by an Instagram account while asking for money in the middle of the street in Dallas.

West’s life was always marked by conflict and, as early as 2009, when he was active in Cleveland, the police found guns in his car that led to his arrest. He was released from jail but was sentenced to 40 hours of community service, psychiatric surveillance was placed on him, and the NBA sanctioned him 10 games.

In 2013 he was relegated to the Development League and then tried his luck in China, although his career was finally ended in 2015.