The photo of Michael J. Fox and Rob Lowe that drove fans crazy: story of a protest

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The galancitos of the 80s remembered old times and the image went viral.

On November 17 Michael J. Fox will launch the book. It will be the third, it will be called No Time Like The Future, and in him the star of Back to the Future will be encouraged to count her story of resilience and hope in the midst of the fight against Parkinson’s disease.

“A moving story of fear and death, and how these things resonate in our lives,” they promote from the Headline publishing house.

“The whole world knows Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, Doc Brown’s teenage partner in Back to the Future. Or like Alex P. Keaton in Family Ties. Diagnosed at age 29, he is involved in Parkinson’s advocacy work, raising global awareness of the disease and helping to find a cure through the Michael J. Fox Foundation. His two previous memoirs were about coming to terms with the disease, while showcasing his iconic optimism. His new biography re-read this perspectiveas events in the last decade presented additional challenges. “

In the middle of the promotion (the book can already be reserved online), the 59-year-old man shared an image from the eighties on his Instagram account that excited and revolutionized fans: he is seen on a mike with heartthrob Rob Lowe and Judd Nelson.

Stirring the trunk of memories, he came to that photo that is more than 30 years old and did not hesitate to upload it. “The 80s … You should be there,” he wrote honoring that fascinating decade.

In the celebrated image they are seen on a route, on board. As Fox scratches his ear, Lowe laughs and clutches his head. “Those were the days!” Rob (56) wrote wistfully.

The photographer Mark Sennet took their photo and, it was learned, the successful young people were preparing to go together (hand in hand with the actors union) to a protest in defense of the environment.

“We protested against Proposition 65, with Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg and many other important celebrities,” detailed the photographer. “It was a fabulous bus ride where everyone let their guard down. I was one of the only photographers! The issue of drinking water is still vitally important today! Unforgettable! ”, He added.

Several celebrities added their comments to the photo. “I would have loved to be there,” wrote Selma Blair. What Jennifer Grey, of Dirty DancingHe added: “Incredible.”

Fox does not lose his sense of humor despite the health difficulties that have presented him for so many years. “The only time I don’t move, even in the most subtle way, is when I sleep. While I do it, I do not tremble or move, if I do, it means that I am awake, ”he said a few months ago. “The same thing happens when I am meditating. If I do it right, then my brain activity slows down enough to keep me still. “

With its foundation, and always with the idea of ​​finding a cure, now has raised more than 650 million dollars and is the world’s second largest research donor.

For his work, in 2010 he received an honorary doctorate of medicine from the Karolinska Institute and a distinction in law from the University of British Columbia. Every year he organizes a fundraising gala and, like a rockstar, ends up playing guitar.


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