Oskari Laaksonen, 21, and Otto Somppi, 22, will move from North America to Pelicans through loan agreements. The agreements of both are valid until further notice.

Laaksonen will move to Pelicans from the NHL team Bufffalo Sabers. The defender played in Ilves last season and hit 2 + 10 in 46 matches.

Laaksonen celebrated the World Under-20 Championship in early 2019. The season was a breakthrough for Ilves’ breeder, as he scored 24 power points in 46 matches in the Finnish Championship League and made his debut in the A national team.

– Laaksonen is a really good puck defender. Very playful and skillful, who likes to make a game, head coach Tommi Niemelä says in the club’s press release.

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Sentteri, on the other hand, has won the Under-18 World Championships in 2016.

Sentteri is a name less familiar to the general public than the Valley, as he has played in the last five seasons in North America at the AHL, ECHL and the junior series at QMJHL.

Somppi arrives in Lahti from the Tampa Bay Lightning organization. The NHL debut is yet to be made, but last season the striker scored 5 + 13 in 45 AHL matches.

– Somppi is a really skilled center who is at the same time a reliable two-way striker, but is also able to score points. He is even a little less familiar to Finns, but has been playing under the NHL for two years. This is a very potential top player of the future, Niemelä glows.

Somppi played in the Joker Juniors before the landscape change. He has not yet made his SM league debut.

Pelicans have swallowed up aid from North America. Last week, the club acquired Jesse Ylösen and Niclas Almarin loan agreements. Almar’s contract is valid for the entire period, Ylönen for the time being.