The Past: the secrets of the colossal fantasy made in Italy revealed by the authors

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The director Piergiuseppe Zaia and the protagonist Eleonora Fani, co-authors of Creators – The Past, told us about the genesis and the behind the scenes of the planned trilogy, the first chapter of which is in cinemas from 8 October.

What is most striking about a project like Creators – The Past, is its very existence, thanks to the passion and will of those who imagined, wrote and created it: it undoubtedly took courage to face an independent challenging genre in which American cinema is a master and that Italian cinema has long neglected for reasons of cost and mentality. To make this possible was the meeting, with mutual friends – and perhaps due to a fortunate astral convergence – between two passionate enthusiasts, which challenge the placid panorama of our production, divided between comedies and dedicated auteur cinema. Let’s talk about Piergiuseppe Zaia, from Biella, composer from a career in the world of video clips and Eleonora Fani, actress, psychotherapist and scholar of mythology and archetypes (among many other things) who have combined their skills to give life to Creators – The Past, first chapter of a planned fantasy / sci-fi trilogy, released in cinemas on October 8, 2020 and accompanied bysoundtrack album edited by Zaia and from book of the same name written by Fani. For the well-known and not happy events that have changed our life, it is almost a year passed since we met the authors at Lucca Comics & Games, who on that occasion showed us the first images of the film and told the origin and the behind the scenesand of this ambitious project.

Creators – The Past: a project born from enthusiasm and against all apparent difficulties

Piergiuseppe Zaia He defines himself without any problems a director “not young” with his 53 years, but he exudes energy and enthusiasm from all pores. Thinking of the forces put together to make the film, with actors of various nationalities, complicated special effects and long shots live and in the Studios, one could think of a process that is all “blood, sweat and tears”, instead Zaia speaks almost exclusively of the fun from children, on such a complex set, by the filmmakers and the cast. His advice for those who want to make a film of this kind in total freedom, it is simple and immediate: “self-produce, cause chaos, look for all your friends, obviously with a certain availability, in order to produce such a thing”. In addition to the fun, with great honesty Zaia also remembers the initial fear in being faced with some sacred monsters and the need to give the best in front of experienced actors such as William Shatner, Bruce Payne e Gérard Depardieu instead, surprisingly, they were extremely helpful and helped less experienced interpreters. Father of three who love vampire and alien movies, Zaia he sensed a void in this sense in Italian cinema and he hopes others will follow him on this path.

Eleonora Fani in Creators – The Past is Lady Airre and is the co-creator of a world that hides many surprises

It was crucial to expand and bring Zaia’s story to the screen, initially little more than a subject the meeting with Eleonora Fani, who with extreme ease and remarkable physique du role underwent exhausting make-up sessions to become Lady Airre, one of the Creators at the center of the film’s plot, a severe warrior alien goddess. Actress, producer, screenwriter and production director, Fani has also made available her splendid octagonal house on Lake Orte, where everything revolves around the number 8 and built according to very specific esoteric rules, which for Zaia is the “perfect fantasy house” and was a real shock. So Eleonora, who studied acting as a child under the guidance of Anna Bolens, and again as an adult, and is the author of a theatrical script before debuting this film, told us the genesis of the project and the ideas converged within this fantasy world which contains more than what can appear beneath the spectacular surface.

The original screenplay by Beppe Zaia contained this Lens, an alien object that fell on Earth, but there was nothing else alien, then I arrived – who physically am more alien than him – and I expanded all the relative part. It is a story that comes from a common passion for the symbolic aspect, in particular on my part. We both like to see a little beyond reality and we are convinced that what we believe is real has not always really happened, or not quite as they told us. We all know that the story is told by the winners and that things can change depending on who tells them, so we tried to give an alternative version of the story of man. This is why at the beginning of the film we made William Shatner say “this is a true story”, because we are convinced that there is a large slice of truth, obviously fictionalized, within this fantasy film. For example, this is one of the reasons why we involved Mauro Biglino, a Bible scholar who translated it from ancient Hebrew and worked for 17 years for the San Paolo editions, within the Church, before breaking away from it and starting to publish books on his behalf. And very interesting things came out. Biglino plays in our film in the part of himself, while being interviewed by a journalist, and it is one of the many ideas we give, even if not the only one, but the most striking one, so that people who have come out of the cinema have the opportunity to reflect. For us it is already a great success to make it possible to have a different point of view on reality and raise a few more questions. We are used to being told everything by television and the media, not to ask ourselves many questions, and instead we try to arouse people’s curiosity and intuition and perhaps awaken in someone the idea that perhaps everything we have believed up to perhaps this is not the case at the moment.

The Past: the secrets of the colossal fantasy made in Italy revealed by the authors

Creators – The Past: building a world

The construction of the world at the center of the film was not difficult for Eleonora, because, she says: “We have a very real vision of this world, based on a symbolic system of reference, which is my background. My psychology thesis was in the Hillmanian field: James Hillman he was the founder of archetypal psychology, therefore everything that gravitates within large symbolic systems including mythology. And there is also a big influence of the Babylonian theory of Zecharia Sitchin (writer of books on mysterious archeology and supporter of the “theory of the ancient astronauts” as an explanation of the origin of man based on Sumerian texts, ed.).

Creators – The Past: la trama

The story is set at the end of 2012, when an unusual and important galactic alignment is about to take place in the universe, which would bring about changes to the cosmos, such as the total eclipse that is about to occur on our planet. The Universe is ruled by eight Gods, called Creators, who form the Galactic Council and are led by Lord Ogmha (William Shatner). In a distant time the eight alien entities have created eight Lenses, instruments capable of preserving the greatest and most coveted knowledge of humanity: that of creation. Subsequently each Creator gave birth to a planet, of which he is responsible and whose essence is enclosed in the respective Lens. The power of all eight lenses together allows for cosmic balance. When the Creator in charge of the Earth, worried about the fate of humanity, does not appear for the appeal of the Council – hiding the Lens on our planet – he is accused of treason. The instrument, which hides the entire history of humanity inside. he was hidden in Italy and thus begins a treasure hunt, before it is too late; in fact, if the Lens is opened by the wrong hands it could reveal to humans the truth about their Planet and their very nature …

To discover all the wonders of the colossal Italian fantasy Creators – The Past, that’s enough go to the cinema and enter the world created by Eleonora Fani e Piergiuseppe Zaia for the film produced by Artuniverse and starring in the lead roles by William Shatner, Bruce Payne, Gérard Depardieu, Eleonora Fani, Marc Fiorini.


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