In a truly unusual situation, Christmas is here. Despite the different constraints that there will be in different countries and even regions of the world, these are dates as soon as there will be more contact between persons than we have been used to lately. However for everything to go well, you have to stick to certain tips.

The BBC possesses collected some of the ones that should be used. The first is very obvious: if you have signs or symptoms, don’t hang out with anyone. Appointments, better if they are with few people. Nonetheless above all, you have to think about the nuclei of cohabitants.

Better less cores

“For example, a meeting between 10 persons tends to be less dangerous if they get together only two groups living together (five live in one house and the some other five in another) than in the event the 10 people live in different residences, “explains Vitor Mori, a biomedical engineer at the University of Vermont School of Medicine (USA).

We should also take into account what type of people are those with to whom we are going to meet: “If possible, old and people who suffer from obesity, diabetic, hypertension, and lung problems have to avoid meetings, “says Estevao Municipal, president of the Minas Gerais Infectology Association.

If a meeting with a man from the risk group is inescapable, it is recommended “make a short visit, with out dinner, without removing the mask”, says Juliana Lapa, infectologist and even professor at the University of Brasilia (UnB).

Outdoors or with the admirer trick

Regarding the conditions, the best is an open up place, a patio, a patio, a roof or a garden.

If a closed meeting is inescapable, it is best to open all the windows. Gleam trick to increase ventilation: the admirer.

“Put a fan near the window and even facing the front. That way, the admirer works like an exhaust fan, slurping in air and pushing it of the room. That creates bad pressure inside the room and brings in fresh air from another window“, dice Vitor Mori.

This professional recommends that if there is more than one windows and more than one fan, it could be placed in the alternative window and in the opposite position, that is, looking into the area.

In this way, one fan will certainly suck in the air and another admirer will expel it, generating a relentless circulation and exchange of weather.

No music, no discussions … and even beware of alcohol

Another factor is period: visits should be short. There should be all the distance between people as possible, and you ought to avoid raising your voice. Is good for this that I know recommends not necessarily using music, so that it is not required to speak aloud. It is also advised to not get into heated arguments. And be very careful with alcohol, because it can make us all lower our guard.

But by far the most critical moment is dinner, once we remove our mask to eat and even drink. If there is only one table, a good rotation is recommended, with concern for the elderly and people in danger groups.

If there is room to get two tables, one must have persons at risk and the rest the rest. And naturally, no sharing cutlery or crockery. All on individual plates.

Either way, when in doubt, the guidance is clear: “It’s incredibly difficult due to the fact, especially during the holidays, we want to be around the loved ones. But in some situations, the difficult decision not to have a family reunion is the safest bet“says Nancy Van Kerkhove, Covid-19 technical innovator at WHO.