The recent history of Paris is familiar with several bloody terrorist attacks, so the townspeople have already learned to observe their surroundings extremely closely. Admittedly, no particular sensory sensitivity was required on Wednesday when a huge bang filled the airspace.

Noise was heard throughout the metropolis, ringing windows and also interrupting the French Open tennis tournament.

– We heard it. I was worried because I was afraid something bad was going on. I looked at the judge, and he too was in shock, Ukrainian Elina Svitolina said after his own victory match.

– In these times, you never know what might happen. It was an extremely strange and loud sound, as if something big had dripped, Svitolina continued.

The emergency center received thousands of calls from distressed city dwellers. The panic of the Parisians did not subside until the police tweeted the explanation.

– In Paris and the city environment heard a very loud voice was not an explosion. It was a French Air Force fighter that had broken a sound barrier.

At the same time, the authorities also hoped that citizens would stop calling the emergency number.

The Rafale fighter had been allowed to press the gas base because it had to catch a 50-seater Embraer jet. Air traffic control had lost contact with it, and the Defense Forces were asked for official assistance.

The fighter went alongside Embraer to check that everything was fine. Eventually, the air traffic controller also got a radio connection to the passenger plane and the fighter could return to its base.