The pandemic, at the center of the US campaign five days after 3-N

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Reality has no escape: the coronavirus he has infected a more than 8.8 million people in the United States, has left more than 227,000 dead and keep hitting the country. In the last two weeks there has been a 39% increase in new cases and only this Wednesday They registered nearly 80,000 and 1,025 deaths according to data from the Covid Tracking Project. If you listen to Donald Trump on Twitter or at rallies of its frenzied activity in the final stretch of the campaign, however, the message that is heard is that the country “is leaving the worst behind”.

That claim has no scientific basis. It is not, of course, what health experts such as Dr. Anthony Fauci say, who this Wednesday recognized that normalcy may not return until 2022. Nor is it what the bags, that oracle that in times of fat cows Trump likes to cite as a sign of his triumphs but that has disappeared from his speech on days like this Wednesday, when American markets continued to be moved by fears of the pandemic falls that point to closing their worst week since March.

Five days before the elections presidential elections in which he seeks re-election against Joe Biden, seven and a half points behind in national polls and although to a lesser extent also in key hinge states, Trump still engrossed in his alternate world on crisis.

Two visions

This Wednesday he has screened it first from Twitter, where he has written that the conversation about the pandemic is an artifice of the media (which he has once again reviled as “fake news& rdquor;) and has suggested that “they will stop talking about it on November 4 & rdquor ;, one day after the election.

Then he has repeated it in two massive rallies in Arizona, a traditionally Republican state where Biden is 2.2 points ahead in the polls and where this Wednesday the aspiring Democratic vice president has also offered rallies Kamala Harris (In his case in acts, like all those of the Democratic campaign, small to guarantee the prevention of contagions).

As Trump appeared on stage with Nigel Farage, or used the contagion from his son Barron to minimize the severity of covid-19 (& rdquor;all it took was a tissue& rdquor;, he said), Biden offered a speech much more sober and realistic about the pandemic in Wilmington, Delaware. “Even if I win it’s going to take a lot of hard work to end this pandemic & rdquor ;, said the former vice president, who has described Trump’s attitude as “insulting & rdquor; toward American families who are suffering.

Biden also criticized Trump, taking advantage of the fact that hundreds of people who attended the president’s rally in Omaha (Nebraska), including the elderly and children, were exposed to freezing temperatures for hours due to a problem with the campaign buses. “Several ended up in the hospital and it’s a picture that captures the whole way Trump is dealing with this crisis,” Biden said. “The photo is taken and leaves. It leaves everyone suffering the consequences of their failure to make a responsible plan. It seems that he doesn’t care much & rdquor ;.

The electoral map, on the travel agenda

Trump and Harris’ trip to Arizona confirms the tight fight for the state, one of which may be the scene of a historic turn. Another of them is Texas, which the prestigious Cook Political Report has reclassified this Wednesday, removing it from the list of the Republicans and leaving it in the disputed. And it is to Texas where Harris travels on Friday.

Other candidate stops on the agenda for the next few days remind us of where the fight is centered. Trump come back this Thursday to North Carolina But first he will offer a rally in (Tampa) Florida. It’s the same city where Biden hosts one of his two rallies in the state this Thursday.

The Democrat’s campaign has also announced that the Saturday the candidate will participate with former President Barack Obama at a rally in Michigan, the first joint appearance of the two in person. The latest poll from ‘The New York Times0 places Biden there eight points ahead.

Almost 76 million votes already cast

Yes almost 76 million people have voted in U.S. elections by early vote or by mail, a figure that represents the 55% of the total votes cast in 2016 according to datos del US Elections project. The numbers put the US on track to reach turnout figures not seen in a century in the country.

The Democrats, on the other hand, they got on Wednesday two important victories in the Supreme Court. The latter, despite voting against three conservative judges, rejected Republican attempts to limit the days given in North Carolina and Pennsylvania to receive mail ballots. The two states will thus have three days to accept ballots provided they are not postmarked after day 3.

The new conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett did not participate in the cases and explained through a spokesperson that she did not do so because they required an urgent response and she had not had time to study them.



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