The first victory from Bulgaria. First victory at the new Olympic Stadium.

Sunday night was in many ways historic for the Owls. Finland played a balanced 90-minute game and took care of Bulgaria on its way, as it should.

Now a 2-0 result was enough. The goals were only scored in the second half, but there were already places in the first.

– Yes, we got enough goals, especially during the opening period. On the other hand, the Bulgarian goal-scoring attempts could have been slightly lower.

– We still have to analyze the situations from the video and see if the press level could have been raised a little higher, head coach Markku Kanerva stated in the stadium of the Olympic Stadium.

Bulgarian search times were at the beginning of both 45 minutes. The stadiums of the stadium repeatedly heard “Owls, play!” cry when the Bulgarians got scared at the beginning of the second half.

Lukas Hradecky there was a man in place between the poles.

The victory was celebrated for a long time by shouting the North Curve. There were a total of 6,587 viewers.

– It felt absolutely fantastic. This has been long awaited to be won again in front of the home crowd, the topper Paulus Arajuuri glowed with a smile.

Cold shivers also rose in “Rive” Kanerva already during the song Maamme.

– It was definitely a special moment for each of you. It was also seen on the faces of the players, how it felt when the whole stadium joined the national anthem.

Positive problem

Kanerva has used the downstairs of three toppers in recent games, but now Huuhkajat has returned to the familiar 4-4-2 group.

Elements seen in the European Championship qualifiers were also included. Teemu Pukki dropped closer Glen Kamaraa and Tim Sparvia and created space for wing players to rise.

Opened on the left side Robert Taylor was a little invisible during the opening period, but eventually his evening also became memorable.

After 53 minutes, a mistake by the home side’s left defense allowed Tomasz Kowalski to get through To Joel Pohjanpalo. He continued to Pukille, whose shot failed from the top spot, but Taylor was the first to hit the loose net.

The goal was his first on the A national team.

– I am pleased with Taylor’s development. The game in Ireland was already good, and even today he performed well. The competitive situation for winger players is tough when Lassi Lappalainen and Robin Lod were not even involved.

On the right side Ilmari Niskanen was perky, even though the strainer wasn’t quite right.


More report on “Rivelle” will certainly produce as well Fredrik Jensen. The Augsburg striker, known as the super substitute, came on the field just over an hour ago. Two minutes later, he cannoned the ball into the back corner at the end of a handsome carriage.

The change to 4-4-2 was a considered solution.

– I’ve been thinking in advance who the players may be fielded in any given match. Now, of course, everyone is wondering what faction we are playing against Ireland.

– The Downstairs of the three toppers worked well against them last time. We analyze their Wales game, and then we make a decision, Kanerva weighs.

Finland is a point away from Wales leading the block, which fell to a 0-0 draw against Ireland on Sunday. Five players from the Irish team have been quarantined, so a broken crew is likely to arrive at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday.