– I decided that for something good I would like to give those national team bonuses.

That’s what it says Robert Taylor, Owl and Brann’s nimble pier.

The charity is FC Blackbird, a jyväskyläläisseura whose representative team plays in the third quarter.

– Sometimes in the summer I gave Blackbird 1,500 euros for decent balls, Taylor explains.

– Now then I thought that whatever bonuses are given to the national team, I will give them to Blackbird in the future.


Taylor was raised by JJK, but Blackbird has become a very close companion to him. Taylorin Paul-father, an old KuPS player, coaches the club’s representation.

– The club community is really great and they have always been really good to me. I have always been welcome to their workouts, even though I would pay nothing.

The club has received the support euros with a smile.

– They’ve been really grateful. It’s a great feeling to help, and I know money goes to a good purpose.

In the occiput

Taylor also has a “great feel” to the moods of the last days of Owls. Bulgaria and Ireland crashed at the Olympic Stadium in the League of Nations.

– Taking two wins from the betting games, no better trip could be hoped for, Taylor rejoices.

– I still got my first national team goal done (in the Bulgaria match).

Finland is second in its own League of Nations, one point behind Wales.

Finland will face in the last two rounds in the guests of Bulgaria and Wales. With a full pot, Finland would wedge to the group victory and the next season to the A-series.

– It would be a great thing to be able to play them against the top countries. That would be an amazing test – but now the most important thing is to get good games in the B League below.

The big goal is in the summer and in the European Championship final tournament.

– Yes, it is rotated in mind and is the back of your mind, but I’m thinking so that we go day by day, Taylor sentimental.

– There are a lot of good players on the national team. It would be a big mistake to put your heels on the ground, take a chillist and think you’re going there.