Football news is fundamentally based on two topics: match results and the signings. Often times, the latter are more interesting, especially those that go wrong.

This is the focus of the report ‘Fichajes Bomba’, of the program ‘Los otros de Movistar’, in which they recover names that they give for a book or several. With the support of journalists who covered those arrivals, such as Miguel Gutierrez (author of ‘It seemed like a good signing’, and you just posted ‘Know and Draw’ together with Antonio Pacheco, both from Corner Editorial) explain how it was possible to see such absurdities in Spanish football.

Names like Julien Faubert, Renaldo O Serge Maguy… footballers who went down in history with the adjective of fluffy without palliative, because either they did not fulfill what they promised, or they were not directly top-level footballers.

Faubert’s siesta

One of the most striking cases is that of Faubert. The Frenchman went down in the history of Real Madrid for an image: that of falling asleep on the bench at the Bernabéu in a match. The same recording team that took that already historical scene of the sordid football was in charge of interviewing him for this program, and they even took him to the white fiefdom itself.

“I have never been a fine or slender player. I was in shape, it will be the color of the white shirt that makes you fat. But I had no problem,” he says in the report. About that nap, he insists on his version: “It gives the feeling that I have them closed, but no. The past is past. Sometimes you have to make up stories to make it talk. That it affects my children is what bothers me the most. Let them know that this image is false. “

Renaldo, the mix between Ronaldo and Rivaldo

The presentation of Renaldo as a player of Sports It was one of the most surreal that the journalists who covered it experienced. “You expect me to tell you that ‘I have been a very hard-working person’, especially in a Brazilian … But he said that ‘what best suits me is that I am a mix between Ronaldo and Rivaldo‘. That sanbenito accompanied him forever, “he recalls Germán Dobarro, de Cope.

Augusto Cesar Lendoiro, Deportivo’s president, also recalls that Renaldo had a problem with his relatives. “Renaldo deceived us with serious illnesses and family deaths. Brazilians must be known. Everyone was terrified of signing Brazilians, for the holidays, saraos … In Renaldo’s case, I am convinced that a family member He killed him twice in order to travel to Brazil, “he recalls.

Lendoiro, on Renaldo: “I am convinced that a relative was killed twice to travel to Brazil”

Attention to the journalists who covered his arrival, especially one with much more hair than now who is dedicated to narrating Formula 1

Maguy, the political signing of Jesús Gil

Although of Athletic from Jesus Gil He could do a special himself, one of his most bizarre signings was that of the Ivorian coast Serge Maguy.

“GIil had been appointed consul of Ivory CoastThe Ivory Coast’s ambassador to Spain was a friend of his and the ambassador’s brother was president of a football club, Africa Sports. There Maguy played. They agreed that he would sign for Atlético, of course no club technician endorsed, not even his coach, who at that time was Emilio Cruz “, remembers Miguel Gutiérrez.

Juice 8 games in just over three months, and still gave him time to meet four coaches: Cruz was already the third of the season. Gil’s things.