Russia held local elections on Sunday, which were considered important by the president Vladimir Putin As a measure of the popularity of the United Russia party.

Two opposition leaders Aleksei Navalnyin a candidate from the group reached the city parliament in the city of Tomsk in Siberia. They are Ksenija Fadeeva and Andrei Fateev, and they won their own constituency. He tells about it Interfax.

In Tomsk, the Navalnyi tactical voting campaign seems to have been successful anyway. United Russia lost several representatives in the local parliament and no longer has a majority. Navalnyi had called for a vote for any candidate who has a chance to defeat United Russia.

United Russia now received only 24 percent of the vote. The Communist Party KPRF got 18 percent, an NGO-like entrepreneur Alexei Netshavin founded by the Novye Lyudi party with 15 percent and a nationalist LDPR with 14 percent of the vote. In the past, United Russia had well over half of its parliamentarians. He tells about it Interfax.

Navalnyi, who is still in hospital in Germany after a suspicion of poisoning in Russia, was probably poisoned in the city of Tomsk.

Instead, in the governoral election across Russia, all United Russia candidates are likely to go through. He tells about it Interfax.