Opposition leader Svyatlana Tshihanouskaya said on Tuesday that he would declare a nationwide general strike against Belarus, if president Alexander Lukashenko no difference, end the violence and release political prisoners.

Tshihanouskaya gave the president until October 25.

– If our demands are not agreed by October 25, then the whole nation will be on the streets, peacefully, Tshihanouskaya, who is in exile in Vilnius, Lithuania, according to Reuters.

– On October 26, all companies will go on strike, roads will be closed and there will be no sales in state-owned stores.

Belarusian police are now allowed to use combat weapons on the streets if the situation so requires. The Belarusian Interior Ministry said the matter after security forces clashed with protesters demanding Lukashenko’s resignation on Monday.

During Monday’s protests, 186 people were arrested across the country.