The OPPO A93 offers a huge AMOLED display and a quad camera at a good price

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We had our eyes set on October 6 because that was the day that OPPO he had promised us the presentation of his new midranger. However, OPPO Vietnam seems to have anticipated the plans of its global branch and all the details about said smartphone were released. This is how OPPO advertises the OPPO A93 with huge AMOLED screen.

There are currently lots of mid-range smartphones with a Super AMOLED screen thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy A and Galaxy M series, but OPPO offers together with this panel an embedded front dual camera and a robust quadruple dorsal camera with the power of a Helio P95, all at a better price.

Features of the OPPO A93

The OPPO A93 offers us a full-screen front design with all its almost non-existent bezels except for the lower bezel that acts as a slim chin. Its huge 6.43-inch AMOLED screen can take advantage of its size thanks to its Full HD + resolution with a 20: 9 aspect ratio and its 60Hz refresh rate.

However, what is detrimental to the size of its display and the smoothness of the image is its rather wide inlay in the upper left corner. There is a dual camera with 16 and 2MP sensors in wide angle and depth lenses. There are very few midrangers of its hierarchy with embedded dual cameras so welcome are Selfies in Portrait Mode.

On its other side we will find a quad camera with its lenses aligned in a 2×2 grid format and inside the same square compartment. It has a wide angle lens, an ultra wide angle lens and two monochrome lenses respectively paired with 48, 8, 2 and 2MP sensors.

This new trend of including two monochrome lenses in quad cameras instead of a macro lens and a depth lens is done with the intention of perfecting the quality of photos in Portrait Mode, a feature that seems to be quite a sensation in China given the number of smartphones of that origin with this new lens configuration.

As for the power, the users of the OPPO A93 will be relying on a MediaTek Helio P95 processor, on 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM, 128GB of internal storage capacity UFS 2.1 with the possibility of expansion via microSD card and on a 4000mAh battery capacity that has fast charging of up to 18W of power.

OPPO announces the OPPO A93 in black and white colors, the classics of the world of mobile technology, and all this hardware can be had for approximately US $ 325. A really tempting price given the huge AMOLED screen on this midranger in combination with its quad camera.


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