The one by one of the Argentine National Team against Bolivia: the power of Lautaro Martínez, the class of Lionel Messi, the goal of Joaquín Correa and the deployment of Exequiel Palacios

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For the historic 2-1 win at the height, the key players were Inter’s scorer, the captain and the former River midfielder.

The power of Lautaro Martínez. Lionel Messi’s class. The good first half of Leandro Paredes. The goal of Joaquin Correa. And the deployment of Exequiel Palacios throughout the game. The National Team had in them its high points for the historic 2 to 1 victory at the height of La Paz, against Bolivia, for the Qualifiers towards the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

This is the one by one of the Argentine team.

They cost him the crossed balls. He came out to cut badly in the first and almost culminated in a goal by Martins. Sober, as usual under all three suits. He was confident in the shots from outside. In the second part he didn’t have much work.

Like the rest of the team, it was difficult for him to stand at first. He allowed some centers for his sector, such as Chumacero that finished 1-0. Then he corrected. In the complement it was more like River’s, with some interesting overflows with the Selection with another face.

He suffered with the air shipments due to the physical power of Martins, whom he lost in the Bolivian goal. He established himself with the passing of the minutes in the central duo.

Similar to Martínez Quarta: lazy in the first 30 minutes and then settled down. Every ball that fell into the area was from the head of the local forwards. At the bottom he showed greater security.

He improved with respect to the duel against Ecuador. He never dodges rubbing or sticking his leg. One of those who ran the most at height. He was badly cautioned since he locked the ball hard and legitimately with Chumacero. Several opportunities were projected with criteria and he was even encouraged to finish off the goal in one and look for a filtered pass to Messi in another.

This time he played as an inside midfielder on the right. He quickly made a free kick that ended in a tie for Lautaro Martínez. Later, he had a discreet game, with few interventions. He was replaced by Nicolás Domínguez in the second stage.

He was the one that created the most danger in the first half, with three shots from outside, one of his specialties. The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder quickly understood that this was a tool to take advantage of in La Paz. He crashed a first-class right hand at the corner after Messi pass. He missed some passes in his own field. In the second half he played more poised.

The figure. The ex-River had a great performance. He was the one with the most mobility in the three-man midfield, located on the left. He led Martinez’s goal play. He perfectly understood how to play at height: short passes and short runs. In the second half he put a dream pass to Lautaro, which ended badly. Without filming in Leverkusen, he shone in the National Team and added beans to stay with a position without an owner.

There is no context in which Messi cannot show that he is the best in the world. He gave away his brushstrokes of crack always that appeared. And he also collaborated in the brand. The first part was seen in intermittent mode, regulating the forces and the air. In the second half he was unstoppable. He served the second to Lautaro, but Lampe covered it. Then the play of Correa’s goal began. He ended up tired, but whole.

He ran and fought with all the defense. He made a real bull goal: carom, after not giving up the ball. Anyway, he was noticed imprecise in key plays that could have been dangerous, such as a center behind Messi that came out very high, the one that Lampe covered him and the one that Palacios enabled. But he greatly enabled Correa for the final 2-1.

This time he played as a winger on the left at 4-3-3, when in La Boca he had moved to the right. Tore hot spicy, looking for them hand in hand. It had a nice overflow but it ended in nothing. It was fading as the minutes passed and was replaced by Joaquín Correa. It did not gravitate.

He entered for Ocampos to run on the left wing and played 32 minutes. They made him an infraction near the area. He masterfully defined to put Argentina 2-1 with an accurate left foot in a very hot moment of the game.

Entered by Rodrigo De Paul and played 22 minutes. It gave the team mobility in the midfield in that stretch where the legs were heavy.

He also played 22 minutes (he replaced Paredes). He was planted as a stopper midfielder and managed the times well to avoid a counterattack from Bolivia.


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