During the week, record numbers of coronary infections were recorded in more than 20 European countries. Strong restrictive measures were introduced in several countries.

Ireland, for example, was imposed a comprehensive corona embargo from the spring. The closure took effect on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. The Irish must stay at home for the next six weeks. All non-essential stores are closed.

A full interest rate cut also came into force in the Czech Republic on Thursday.

Wales, which is part of the United Kingdom, also introduced an interest rate cap on Friday for two weeks. The aim is to stop the progression of infections by intervening with a fierce hand.

In England, on the other hand, regional closures are being implemented and their number increased within a week.

In Denmark, a face mask is mandatory

In Denmark, the use of a face mask was made compulsory in public interiors, including shops and libraries. Public transport passengers must also wear a mask. Gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited.

In Naples, Italy, hundreds of people clashed violently with police on the night between Friday and Saturday. The rebels were mostly young and opposed to tightened corona restrictions.

A number of politicians have also been infected with the corona, including the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. In Belgium, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie wilmes underwent intensive care for coronavirus infection.

On Wednesday, the German Minister of Health Jens Spahn reported being infected with a coronavirus.

In the United States, a new daily record for infections

In the United States, a new daily record of coronary infections was recorded on Friday, 82,000 new cases. Health experts predict that the number of infections in the country will rise even further as winter approaches.

A nasty record was also recorded in France on Thursday. A total of 41,622 new coronary infections were diagnosed in one day. For comparison, 14,848 infections have been recorded in Finland during the entire pandemic.

The situation is so worrying that curfews are being extended. In the past, eight large cities have had extensive mobility restrictions.

Sweden “canceled” Christmas

In the western neighbor of Sweden, Christmas is “canceled”. State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell urges us to forget the big Christmas this year.

Coronary vaccines are being developed around the world and the results have been tentatively promising. In Germany, preparations are already underway to start coronation vaccinations before the end of the year.

Germany has supported BioNTech and another vaccine development company, Curevac, with $ 745 million.