NHL club Los Angeles Kings contract player Lias Andersson received a fine of SEK 80,000, or approximately EUR 7,800, from SHL, the Swedish main series.

Andersson, who plays in HV 71, tackled Luleå at the beginning of October Jonas Berglundia and was banned and banned for five matches. Andersson thought the penalty for tackling was too harsh.

Expressen according to Taklaus hits Berglund’s head.

– I just wanted to stop him and thus the attack. We were at a loss of 4-1 and wanted to tackle cleanly, on the shoulder or chest. I counted myself and it automatically became an upward movement. I don’t want to be a player who tackles ugly, Andersson commented to Expressen.

– Now I have learned that it is a dangerous challenge from SHL.

Andersson, 22, according to Expressen, earns SEK 280,000, or about EUR 27,000 a month.

With his income, he is one of SHL’s highest paid players, according to the magazine. However, according to the magazine, that does not mean that he was able to pay fines of more than SEK 80,000 for that alone.

It is common for SHL’s Swedish players to retire a large part of their salary, leaving the share in hand significantly lower than the gross salary. Consequently, the fine was higher than what Andersson receives in his bank account per month.

-In fact, I sold my car and paid a fine for it. My car was in the Park in Gothenburg for a long time and my intention was to get rid of it anyway.

Andersson is clearly showing signs of an injury here, yet he just doesnt want to go off. He is also of the opinion that players’ salary information should be public – as in the NHL.

– It would be best if everyone had open salaries. It has done me no harm. Everyone knows that hockey players generally earn well and I earn well, and it shouldn’t be hidden. I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of what you earn.

– It is important to note that my contract lasts only nine months. This was the fourth best solution for me financially. I have made a decision that I do not play in Europe or North America, which would get more money.

In his career, Andersson has played 66 NHL regular season 3 + 6 shirts in the New York Rangers shirt.

Andersson’s player rights were sold from Rangers to Kings in early July.