• The Puljujärvi contract includes an NHL clause that allows for a return to the bucks in the middle of the season.
  • However, he emphasizes his focus on evolving and succeeding with Flies.
  • The regular season of the Finnish Championship is scheduled to start on October 1.

Lion legend Checkmate “Minor” Keinonen known not only for his twists and turns, but also for his wide smile that irritated more clumsy opponents.

Based on the odometer Jesse Puljujärvi is today ‘s Mölli – with the difference that he doesn’t try to tease his opponents with his smile.

It just says the man enjoys playing. Then opponents are allowed to be vigilant, or Puljujärvi will soon have his hands up.

Big role

After 139 NHL matches and 37 power points, Jesse Puljujärvi returned to Kärppi last season with the intention of gaining new momentum for the NHL career that had begun. The framed attacker feels that he has evolved in a familiar environment.

– I get to play a big role. Every night has to be the best out of oneself, and I’ve seen what it takes.

Puljujärvi says that he learned in Oulu what small everyday things to pay attention to when playing a lot.

– Year by year here you learn more. If you think about the last season, then it was a nice season and I enjoyed it every day.

During the summer, the 22-year-old striker was taken to KHL at some point in Switzerland, but in early August he put an end to rumors by making a comprehensive follow-up deal with the Flies for the upcoming season.

– Oulu, Finland I’m working out, and due to the coronal never know how everything is going, he explains to remain in familiar company.

– Here is a good environment and top coaching. I can still take the steppes in Kärpi playfully and mentally.

NHL section

Three seasons at the Edmonton Oilers 2016–19 Puljujärvi describes it as a “top story”.

– I saw what it is there and I appreciate it a lot.

Puljujärvi has a clause in its contract that allows for a return to the NHL in the middle of the season.

Such a time could be mid-November, when next season’s NHL training camps are due to start.

Oilers are also warming up to the idea of ​​a return to their number one booking in the summer of 2016 and the NHL’s four-time booking.

– There is nothing in that direction now, but Puljujärvi is stalling.

– Now the goal is just to move forward in this everyday life with the Flies. When it comes to those times that something is happening, then look again.

New center

Last season’s Regular Series ended with the Wins winning. The return to the gold standard was a dream due to the coronavirus pandemic, but according to Puljujärvi, the setup will give the team a good starting point for the new season starting in early October.

– The block games have also been played well, so let’s start playing an even better and smoother season.

Personally, Puljujärvi also expects the development to continue.

– We have a good gang and a good field. I enjoy this and I think it will take me to the next level.

– As you develop as a player and get older, you will understand things differently. That own level is coming here little by little.

Last season, Puljujärvi formed the number one chain of Kärppi, which also returned from the NHL to the League. Juho Lammikon as well as experienced Mika Pyörälä with. The entire trio topped the points exchange, with Puljujärvi fourth, Pond sixth and Pyörälä 13th.

When Pond left for KHL, Kärpät acquired Canadian as its new number one center. Cody Kunykin. HPK’s most powerful player of last season has quickly found a common ground with his new chain mates.

– It is always good to play with the bike. It manages to weigh even more and is good to struggle with. The new Kunyk is strong and able to feed. The chemistry has met well, Puljujärvi praises.

Terrible powers

As a guarantee of his words, Puljujärvi has made 24 points in 15 training games, which is 11 pounds more than the second most effective training match, ie Ilves Arttu Ruotsalainen.

Sure, there is a difference in the number of games and some of the points have been generated in 3vs3 matches, but in any case, Puljujärvi has been in a terrible game.

He explains this with a good practice this summer. Even the extended self-sustained period due to the corona did not hinder the man’s preparation for the season.

– The focus was on the essential, ie being ready when the puck drops in the ice, Puljujärvi describes.

– Training with flies has been printed for many weeks. We are in good shape, and I’m able to casually push the country forward.

Puljujärvi’s self-confidence seemed to have risen to incredible spheres when he surprised the TPS guard in a practice match Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen curling-style lirulla. The determined one slipped to the finish line first between the legs of TPS-Pak, then Pyörälä, who made the mask, and finally Luukkonen.

– I was wondering how it went, Puljujärvi says and reveals that the trick was actually lucky.

– I tried to pass, but the puck went from the three-man cap to the finish line.

High expectations

Puljujärvi, which won the Youth World Championships points exchange at the turn of the year 2015–2016 and celebrated gold, has since been under the magnifying glass of the Finnish puck nation. He is aware of the high expectations.

– It belongs to hockey, and there has been a bit of pressure here all the time, Jesse says.

At least the expectations are not diminished by the traditional league hive of Hääkkko magazine, where seven of the ten puck editors in different media believe that Puljujärvi will win the points exchange.

– Now I heard about that for the first time. Last season was already quite good, and of course we will start to improve it. Let’s press the job and see what the game brings.

– When the game starts, you have to get the most out of yourself. That is the thing and we are moving towards it. Exactly the same as what happens outside.