In the United States, the next debate of presidential candidates will be held virtually. It tells about this, for example USA Today.

The debate will be held at a distance so that “the health and safety of all involved can be guaranteed”. The presidential debate committee announced the matter Thursday morning at U.S. time.

Debate of Republicans Donald Trumpin and Democrats Joe Biden will be held on Thursday, October 15th.

The debate will also have an audience in Miami, Florida. Trump and Biden will be elsewhere during the upcoming debate, both in different locations.

President Trump commented on the news recently in an interview with Fox News. According to Trump, organizing a virtual debate is “not acceptable,” and he does not intend to participate in the remote debate. The president justified this by saying that he thinks he is in good enough shape to hold campaign events as well.

Trump said last Friday he was infected with the corona. He returned to the White House from the hospital as early as Monday.

United States Office of Communicable Diseases CDC instructs that individuals who test positive should be isolated for at least ten days after the onset of symptoms.