Alvaro Morata is about to be a player again for Juventus de Turin, a team in which he played two seasons between 2014 and 2016. Surely, when he is introduced, leave a statement of your passion ‘bianconera’, something that has become one of his hallmarks to try to win over the fans.

He did it with the Juventus, with Chelsea, with Real Madrid and with Atlético, as the program has reminded him ‘Jugones’ from La Sexta, which has pulled the newspaper library to show that Morata, perhaps, its colors are not so clear.

When he got to the Juventus in 2014, stated that he had wanted to go there for a long time and that it is “where I wanted to be”. Similar words used when he returned to Real Madrid in 2016, a team from which he was a youth squad and from which he left because he had too much competition: “Our dream is to succeed here and we are going to give up our lives to do it.”

A season later, when landing in London as the most expensive signing in the history of Spanish football (80 million) at that time, he stated in an interview with the official media of his new team that “When I was little I dreamed of being at Chelsea and scoring goals.”

Perhaps he imagined himself as ‘blue’ while he was still a small footballer in the Atlético quarry, where he took his first steps as a player before going to Real Madrid because they did not give him ball when he was already a youth. He remembered those times at the Atletico Academy when he signed for the first mattress team in January 2019. He said it was “return to childhood, to true happiness”.