The RFEF and LaLiga have reached an agreement (and this is already news in itself) for a battery of new regulations with which Spanish football intends to avoid embarrassing episodes like the controversial last day of Segunda and the Deportivo-Fuenlabrada.

The health and safety protocols have been reinforced with a change of rules and the inclusion of some new ones that the RFEF has communicated this Monday. The objective of these is ensure that the competition can continue to be played despite the fact that the country’s health scenario is complicated.

From having an alternative stadium outside the Autonomous Community, in the event of confinement, to minimizing the time spent in the city or the field itself, most of the regulations do not affect the matches themselves, but rather the the protocols before and after the meetings.

Fields of play and schedules

  • Exceptionally and throughout this season when due to circumstances derived from the pandemic a club was unable to play their matches in their stadium, either due to the inability to access the territory where the match was to be played or due to the impossibility of using the previously defined facility, must use, with prior authorization from the LNFP and the RFEF, another stage that is approved at the beginning of the season for the dispute of First or Second Division matches.
  • Clubs must notify the LNFP and RFEF before September 18, 2020 the alternative stadium located outside its Autonomous Community where they would dispute their official First or Second Division meetings if the aforementioned assumption were given. The dispute in the stadium designated by the club and authorized by the LNFP and by the RFEF will be used as long as it is impossible to play matches in their own stadium.
  • In the event that the designated alternative stadium is also prohibited from playing matches, the affected club or the LNFP may designate another stadium that meets the requirements previously. Said change will be notified to the RFEF for its final approval.

Lineups and number of footballers

  • The referee must be informedBefore the start of the match, the list of the titular footballers and possibly substitutes of each of the teams, as well as the list of technicians who may be placed on the bench.
  • In order to start a game, each of the teams must appear and maintain it throughout its development. at least seven players belonging to the squad of the category in which the team is active, except as stipulated in the specific clauses for COVID-19.
  • When a team does not reach that minimum number, either before the game or during the game for any reason that leads to reducing that number, the difference up to the required seven It cannot be covered with players of another class or category and the referee will agree to suspend the match, adopting the disciplinary body the appropriate resolution.

What happens if one or more matches cannot be played

  • In case of inability to hold a meeting as a result of events related to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the minimum unavailability of at least 13 players enabled between players of the first squad and dependent or subsidiary teams, the inability to move due to sanitary prohibitions, the facility closure provided that this situation occurs within 48 hours prior to the dispute of the meeting or others of a similar nature derived from COVID-19, postponement must be agreed from the meeting to a new date according to the rules indicated below.
  • He maximum number of postponements for First Division clubs for the reasons indicated above will be a single match and two matches for Second Division clubs.
  • In any case, the postponement of the matches will not be possible when the circumstances described above occur after Matchday 30 in the First Division Yet the Matchday 34 in the Second Division.
  • Will not be counted as a suspended match, for the purposes of the aforementioned computations, to the club that was not responsible for the suspension.
  • Exceeded the limit of meetings that can be suspended or when they occur in the last days indicated the winner (3 to 0) will be given to the team that is in a position to play the match and if the two teams are not willing to play the match due to COVID-19, the match both teams will be considered lost.
  • In none of these cases will the default violation provided for in the disciplinary regulations.

Positives in a team

  • He minimum number of footballers of the first squad (7) of article 223 will remain fully valid during the entire competition. except when the causes of COVID-19 operate described above in which case the minimum number of licensed players of the first team for the dispute of the match and during the entire development of the same that will be 5 players from the first squad, unless the club had a greater number (up to 7) of first-team players authorized for the match.
  • In relation to what is included in Article 239 of the General Regulations of the RFEF, due to COVID-19, the minimum availability to 13 footballers between the first team and the dependent teams or affiliate club listed in this section.
  • In the event that at any time during the Season a team due to COVID-19 accredited by the team doctor, did not have the minimum number of players in the first team provided for in article 223 and following of the General Regulations for the dispute of the meeting or during the same meeting, with the adaptations to COVID-19 provided for in the preceding sections, may play the match with any other player from dependent or subsidiary teams Provided that it has complied with the health and safety protocols of COVID-19 provided for in the professional competition, it does not exceed the maximum number of foreign players provided for in article 230 of the General Regulations and without such circumstance being considered as no-show and loss of the match, nor will it be cause for a request to suspend the match by the affected club. The club must line up all the players of the first squad qualified for the match when they are 7 or less. If for any circumstance one of these players abandons the dispute of the match, it will be cause of non-appearance and loss of the match.

Promotion playoff to First

  • If at the end of the regular phase it is found that due to causes derived from COVID-19 prior to the dispute of the Play-off of Promotion to First Division is materially impossible that it is disputed with the format initially planned so that it can end before June 30 with the two round-trip heats, it will take place in one of the following two formats:
  1. Final Four in a single venue. The matches of the First Round and the Second Round (Final) will be played as a single match. In total, three matches would be played in 5 days.
  2. Playoffs in different neutral venues proposed by the LNFP and communicated to the RFEF, both for the First and the Second Eliminatory (Final). The qualifiers will be played as a single match.
  • Before the start of the promotion Play-off and in attention to the circumstances present at that precise moment, the Monitoring Commission of the Coordination Agreement will agree which of the two options It is the most viable and appropriate depending on the health and competitive conditions.
  • In the event that the original format for the Play-off dispute is maintained when due to causes derived from COVID-19 in any of the participating clubs, an agreement meeting had to be suspended With the provisions of the preceding sections, new dates may be set by the LNFP within the statutory days that must be communicated to the RFEF provided that all the Play-off matches can be played. before June 30. For the purposes of the maximum number of postponements, those that a club would have had in the regular phase will not be counted.
  • If for any of the reasons indicated in the previous sections any of the participating clubs does not have the minimum number of players to play the match or exceeds the maximum limit of postponements the eliminatory will be given for loss.

Health bans, positive from coaches, previous time

  • The prohibition by the competent health authorities of conduct training at the place of origin of each team or in its facilities may not be cause of suspension of the matches of the professional official competition for the causes of COVID-19 provided in the previous sections.
  • If as a consequence of COVID-19 any of the technicians of the teams participating in the First and Second Division could not perform the functions For those who had the corresponding license, he may be replaced by another club employee with the corresponding license to exercise said function and who had the minimum qualification required for said activity. The duration of such substitution it will be strictly necessary until the medical discharge of the person to be replaced.
  • In relation to the provisions of Article 215 of the General Regulations of the RFEF, exceptionally and temporarily, It will not be compulsory to appear at the playing facilities 90 minutes before the match takes place. You may appear up to 45-50 minutes prior to the start of the meeting thus guaranteeing the start of the meeting at the scheduled time.