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He is photographed by the presidency of Brazil in which he sees President Bolsonaro and the newly appointed Minister of Education Carlos Decotelli.AFP

  • Brazil.Bolsonaro suelta lastre and gets rid of his polemic minister of Educacin

  • Coronavirus.Jair Bolsonaro approves the pandemic to reinforce his radical project

Five of. The last Minister of Education of Brazil has lasted,Carlos Decotelli, who departs the post from the martes chased by a scandal related to his academic curriculum. The problems got worse after hours after the presidentJair Bolsonarohe had announced his nomination last week.

The University of Rosario (Argentina) disintegrated that all the doctorate and the assurance that his theory was carried out, about the management of the soybean prices was rejected. The University of Wuppertal (Germany) also denies that the former minister attended a postdoctoral fellowship between 2015 and 2017. I need to be there all months in 2016, to participate in a punctual investigation.

The drop that fills the vase, according to the ex-minister, lleg when the prestigious Fundacin Getlio Vargas, a private Brazilian university,also that hubiera worked allas a teacher. “The structure of the destruction of the continuity (as a minister) was due to the ‘fake’ fact that FGV said I was never a teacher at FGV,” said CNN Brasil in statements.

In spite of this latest information, Bolsonaro read the Palacio del Planalto and communicated that it was untenable that Gobierno would continue to be questioned by the “inconsistencies of his curriculum”. Decotellini siquiera lleg to take posesin his position.

Before all polemics, its name has always been received as a relief by the educational community, for its saketechnical and leveled profile of radical evil ideological postures.She has now been in front of the National Education Development Fund (FNDE), a mayor in charge of the mayor of basic education programs in the country. Adems, he was formerly the first Afro-Brazilian minister of the Gobierno.

Now there is a vacancy in one of the codified ms positions, reviving a dispute between the ultraderechist ms wing of the Gobierno, the military sector and the evangelical lobby that has been demanded of other ministers.Abraham WeintraubI left the post last week with numerous polemics and there was a multitudinous protest with the intention of cutting out the assumption of public universities. He ended up moving quickly to the United States to pursue a post as a director at the World Bank, within the Supreme Federal Court and investigates him for participating in a scheme of threats and broadcasting.fake newsagainst the democratic institutions of the country. The prime minister,Ricardo Vlez,dimmed for a few weeks to manage internal currents.

You so much, students and teachers lament that nadie is talking aboutcul the proposal of the Bolsonaro government for education, especially with all questions derived from the coronavirus pandemic. At the moment in the first half of the Bolsonaro administration, there has been a lot of concrete times, but all of delegating the management of some public schools to retired military personnel or encouraging public universities to finance themselves with private resources.



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