The tennis world felt a shake on the eve of the final of the Roland Garros 2020 in which Rafa Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic and won his 13th Musketeers Cup. It all came for a few provocative statements by former tennis player Goran Ivanisevic, which is part of the Serbian coaching staff, in which he assured that Nadal had “no chance” before his pupil.

Unlike what Ivanisevic predicted, Nadal overwhelmed Djokovic in three sets and ‘only’ 2 hours and 41 minutes of play, with a ‘donut’ in the first set included. In fact, the world’s number 1 was a shadow until the middle of the third set, when he achieved his first break and starred in a reaction that Nadal contained without major problems.

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Ivanisevic was blunt before the final, declaring that “Nadal you have no chance under these conditions. Novak has gotten into his head and is the favorite. I may be playing it, but I think Novak is clearly the number one favorite to win Roland Garros, “he told Sport Klub.

That is why Internet users remembered him during the Nadal exhibition and the tone of the messages hardened As the Spaniard headed towards his thirteenth twist of Paris and 20th Grand Slam title.

Ivanisevic became the target of criticism for the words chosen to ‘heat up’ the game, to the point that his name became a trend on social media. Many of the tweets had him as the protagonist, although there were also others that they ironically referred to ‘fail’ that, surely, Nadal fans will remember him for a long time,