The net is upside down after a vortex

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First canceled, then not. The fuss about the jungle camp 2021 has made Twitter Germany stand upside down.

The jungle camp 2021 is canceled. This news initially shocked fans of the popular trash format. Later the all-clear from RTL: “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (also via TVNow) will take place in 2021. Just not in Wales as planned, but in Germany. A “new, exciting IBES show with Sonja [Zietlow] and Daniel [Hartwich]”is in planning, said RTL entertainment director Markus Küttner. The viewers could look forward to” a great spectacle in January, “it said. An ups and downs of feelings, which turned the network upside down and the hashtag jungle camp on place one of the Twitter trends was bugging. A best of:

“Will it take place now or not? I can’t stand this emotional rollercoaster ride,” wrote one user, for example on twitter. Another comes with that constant back and forth not clear: “Will be canceled … will not be canceled … Twitter-Germany on the verge of madness. Why are you playing with our feelings like that?”

However, one user already has a suggestion of what the replacement show could look like: “Can you do this via home office as an online version? Each participant has to stay at home for 2 weeks and let his webcam run 24 hours a day?” freight is.

Where does the replacement show take place? The fans have a few suggestions …

But while some users still have to catch up after the initial emotional rollercoaster, others already have numerous suggestions as to where the replacement show could take place in Germany. “The jungle camp is now being filmed in Germany. Rumor has it that Rheda-Wiedenbrück was chosen as the location to make it much easier to get the e-food.” writes a user and thus refers to the corona outbreak at the meat company Tönnies.

Another throws another subtle suggestion in the group: “RTL could produce jungle camp on the site of the former Wendler ranch in Dinslaken.”

Ein User refers to one or the other urban jungle in Germany: “Thank God, the #Dschungelcamp 2021 is saved. It will take place in Germany, #RTL announced. In which jungle it is not yet clear, you still fluctuate between Berlin-Neukölln, Duisburg-Marxloh or Frankfurt-Höchst . “


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