The National Team arrived in Bolivia with the need to figure out who will be Lionel Messi’s “help wheel”

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Lionel Scaloni must provide a better playing circuit to the blue and white midfield. This Monday doubts about the team will be dispelled.

Lionel Scaloni knows: what the National Team lacked against Ecuador is precisely what it needs to protect itself in the second match, one of the most difficult as a visitor in the entire Qualifiers. Bolivia, in La Paz, not an accessible rival for Argentina. If Lionel Messi will have it clear, he suffered whenever he stepped on the grass of the Hernando Siles stadium.

A fluid game in the area of ​​the central circle, absent in the debut, will be essential for the ball to run and so that the legs do not wear out quickly at 3,680 meters above sea level.

The coach’s premise will be to achieve a better circuit among the flyers, precisely where one of the team’s doubts lies due to Marcos Acuña’s contracture. Which leads to the unfailing unsolved task of finding him a spare tire a Leo. Someone the “10” can lean on to build on.

The DT highlighted the solidity of his directed after the discreet 1 to 0 achieved in the Candy box Thursday against Ecuador. He preferred not to emphasize the poverty of football that was seen during the 90 minutes and highlighted the sacrifice. If there is a distinctive feature of his cycle at the forefront of the national team, it is precisely that: commitment and solidarity have been the first characteristics.

Scaloni’s is a National Team that continues to look for its style, but is clearly aware of the move that does not negotiate character. Everyone runs, everyone gets in, everyone tries to play, although the latter has been a trickle. However, these virtues that every team with aspirations of firmness must have are not the only ones that are needed to survive in the heights, where those who live in the plains do not usually have a good time.

On the contrary, a greater volume of play is required to defend with the ball and attack accordingly, so that you have to run as little as possible to avoid succumbing in the attempt. The weakness of Bolivia, which comes from suffering a 5-0 with Brazil and is known to be inferior in hierarchy in name by name with Argentina, will deposit on the blue and white side the obligation to take the leading role of the party.

And the coach has to define based on this how he solves the question in the position without an owner of a midfield that has Leandro Paredes and Rodrigo De Paul as immovable pieces, something that according to their characteristics will end up defining the personality of the formation in that key area.

This is the steering wheel on the left, one of the few positions without a stable pattern so far in the Scaloni era. The other is the right back: does Gonzalo Montiel stay or does Juan Foyth enter?

In his head was to give the ownership to Young Lo Celso, one of those who acted the most with him: 16 games and two goals. But the Rosario arrived from Tottenham with a muscle injury and was unaffected before the premiere. That generated one of the unknowns in the previous one in Ecuador. And the doubt persists now.

Acuña was the one who held that position in La Boca, but left with a discomfort and this Sunday before getting on the plane to go to Bolivia he trained in a differential way and it is difficult for him to arrive, although it is not ruled out for the moment. As a side or as a steering wheel, the Egg He was in 17 matches with Scaloni.

Eduardo Salvio entered for him on Thursday. He This has three games in this cycle, never as a starter. His income would automatically make Lucas Ocampos move from the right to the left to maintain the 4-4-2 that was reflected on the court on the first date. Will you keep that drawing or will you bet to change? 4-2-3-1? 4-3-3? The last test will be at The Strongest site this Monday.

There are other possible candidates. Exequiel Palacios (four duels in the National Team) is another that in the consideration of the Argentine coach is up, but his lack of shooting at Bayer Leverkusen plays against him. Alejandro Gómez did not add any minute with the DT born in Pujato, but he could be that footballer who understands with Messi.

Further back are offered as variants Nicolas Dominguez (He entered six games from the bench and scored a goal), who played the final minutes with Ecuador for Ocampos, and Alexis Mac Allister (two appearances), which was left out of the relays on Thursday.

Some of them will be that missing link in the middle of the field of an Argentina that once again depended on Messi and that maintains the elaboration item in the debit column. In the vertigo of La Paz, there at the height of the clouds, he will have to start paying that debt so as not to run out of air.



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