The National Basketball League has its second case of coronavirus in the “bubbles”

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He is Diego Romero, Comodoro Gymnastics player and brother of Chiquito, Manchester United goalkeeper.

The bubbles of the National League added a positive case of Covid-19 on the afternoon of this Wednesday, when through its official networks, Gimnasia de Comodoro Rivadavia reported that Diego Romero contracted coronavirus. The pivot of the southern team was isolated but the match of his teammates against Boca, hours after the confirmation of the contagion, was also played.

“The player presented symptoms such as a sore throat and headache. In a preventive way, he isolated himself in his room and swabbed him. Today the organization’s medical team reported that the result for Covid-19 was positive,” it was reported to through the networks of the Comodoro team.

The text adds that “Dr. (Oscar) Licciardi explained that ‘he is in good general condition and does not present major symptoms. They will carry out follow-ups and controls to see his evolution together with Dr. Grippo’ ( sic)'”.

Although the protocol indicates that in situations such as the one that happened, the player and his roommate will be isolated, in the case of Romero (Sergio’s brother, Manchester United goalkeeper and figure of the National Team in the 2014 World Cup) it was only necessary that he would, since he sleeps alone. Gimnasia, part of the South Conference, is staying at the Ramada de Vicente López hotel.

The player and his teammates had been examined for the last time last Thursday morning and the result of the swab had given them all negative.

Since he began to feel the first discomfort, Romero stayed in his room, where he remains isolated. In fact, in the game last Tuesday, against Bahía Basket, he did not participate. It was he who gave notice of his symptoms, which allowed the protocol to be activated.

However, without details (logical) regarding when he could have been infected but with the certainty that the last exam was on Thursday, on Friday he was part of his team’s match against Argentine from Junín (He had a great performance with 24 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists) and on Saturday he repeated his presence against Hispanic American.

For those teams, for now, no one told them until Wednesday night that they should undergo any kind of analysis or swabbing. And that will not happen.

Even Romero’s companions they played on Wednesday night against Boca, whom they beat by 98 to 66, without having been swabbed yet (it will happen, it is estimated, in the next few hours, since that was done last week before another case in Athens) to find out if there was any other contagion.

The situation differs from what, for example, happened on different occasions in the Liga ACB from Spain, one of the mirrors in which the National League set its eyes to replicate the “bubble” format.

There, for example, just a week ago the game that was to be played on the Real Madrid of the Argentines Facundo Campazzo, Nicolás Laprovittola and Gabriel Deck before Gran Canaria for a positive in that club.

As explained from the Crisis Committee made up of the Club Association, the Argentine Basketball Confederation and in which the Players Association, the key is to “monitor narrow cases.”

In this sense, in principle colleagues and rivals are not considered as such because they do not meet the criteria established by the National Ministry of Health itself. To be “close contact”, they say, one must have been face to face – within 1.5 meters – with a person for 15 minutes or for two hours in a closed environment.

Although it is striking and it is easy to imagine any infected player breathing and rubbing for 40 minutes with teammates and rivals, medically those contacts do not qualify. “Can this situation cause a contagion? Yes. But it does not fall into the category of ‘close contact’. If that were considered like that, the League could not be made directly,” they argue.

In any case, Romero’s classmates will most likely be tested. “If there is something in which it is not going to skimp it is in tests”, they promise. And they warn: “It is likely that more cases will eventually emerge.” The key will be how they are contained.



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