One of the best strikers of all time, the German Gerd Müller, it is, in the words of his wife, “sleepwalking to the end.” The legendary ‘Torpedo’, considered an institution in German football, turns 75, although he does not know it. Since 2011 he has been in a state of semi-consciousness, since he is affected by a deep senile dementia.

“He spends 24 hours a day in bed and has few moments of lucidity,” he admits. Uschi Müller, his wife, in Bild. “It is beautiful when he opens his eyes a little. Sometimes he manages to say yes or no, moving his eyelashes. He is calm and at peace, I think he has no pain. It’s like I sleepwalking towards the end“, he says, in a testimony that serves to frame the memory in which all German football has turned.

Historic front of the Bayern Munich, where he played most of his career, reached 803 goals between his clubs and the national team. West Germany, with whom he won the Euro 1972 and the 1974 World Cup. His scoring average speaks for itself: almost one goal per game.

Since he was diagnosed with dementia in 2011, a disease that is affecting many former players of those years (the last, the British Bobby Charlton, a contemporary of Müller), has retired from public life. Despite this, he is still well loved and remembered in Germany, especially in Munich, who have remembered him through the words of other Bayern legends.