The mystery of Conogol ice cream: what was the fate of the first kiosk cone

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Copied but never equaled, it marked an era. However, no one can – or wants – to give details about what happened with its manufacture.

It is not a trending topic, but … “I still remember when I bought a Conogol ice cream for $ 1.50 and it was the most expensive !!!!” Other: “Someone bought the ice cream CONOGOL? it was a cone of American cream with a chocolate coating and I could eat like 3 a day of how rich they were “. Plus: “In Caseros, the Conogol was an urban myth.”

What happened to his life? The networks are a melancholic touch when talking about the subject. Nobody knows what happened to him, and those in the know prefer not to report. “Unfortunately, we cannot help you”, they tell us close to the factory. We have not covered 100, but we have covered 12 neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. We had fancied a Conogol and we escaped from home office with just cause. Specifically, we wanted a Almond conogol. Mission Impossible. Ahhh, they will have already noticed another great absentee old school: he Lollipop he clapped without us noticing.

Mercury, ice cream master of the famous FurchiIn Belgrano, inventor of strange tastes such as apple with celery and pumpkin in syrup, he had warned us about the decline of the cone: “Get fat,” he declared. Yes Mercury, but plastic cups pollute the environment … “But if the waffle adds calories to the ice cream, dear, there is no ecology that reaches.”

Era a luxurious ice cream. In the past? We were never enough for a Conogol de Frigor. At most we reached the Luxor Nougat. “They never bought me one because we were four brothers,” complains Toti, an Internet friend who also seeks to know what happened to the nominally footballing cone of national origin. Some merchants tell us, during the tour, that at this point the Conogol became a “generic”. That is, you ask for Conogol and they give you Epa!. “90 percent do not notice the difference.” Sad reality.

Footnote: Towards the end of the ’80s, Laponia launched the Epa, a cone according to hyperinflationary times. Later it became a product of Frigor and Frigor became a product of Nestle which, in turn, partnered with a multinational firm.

Caro, a girl who changed careers four times and now is not entirely sure that she likes the one she chose, becomes faint remembering: “God! Do you remember the Conogol? She was a fan, she followed him from Cement …

Arriving at the Conogol was an incentive for social mobility. It meant moving from ice cream to a category that today would be emotionally premium. Has it gone extinct like the panda bear? Will the Conogol remain rooted in the sweet and sentimental education of kiosk wonders such as Tubby 3 y Tubby 4?

MillennialDid you get to know him? Did you hear about its chocolate base topping, solidly, the last crunch of the cone? The Conogol hit the newsstands at the end of August and the Frigor poster announced it as classic or with tuned variants. We have it present in the poster with the always risen Patalin, for many, the best ice cream stick ever invented.

The Conogol was like the Big Mac. “Conogol Extreme at 4 pesos, I remember”, Lucas Ramírez, a fan of Students and Gymnastics, refreshes us. In 1992 Conogol was more expensive than some ice cream parlors: it cost $1,50.

Someone tells us that we should talk to Llorente & Cuenca, Nestlé’s communication consultant. We go there with Balkan energy and, at the beginning, they start promising us up to the true history of Conogol. But something will happen along the way.

August 25, 2020. Clarion communicates with the consultant.

-Today Frigor is a joint venture, a joint project between Nestlé and Froneri (Froneri: global business unit dedicated to ice cream and frozen food).


– The problem is that we asked and they told us that they prefer not to advance with the subject.

-With the Conogol theme?

-Nestlé had to consult Froneri and Froneri does not want to participate, so unfortunately I will not be able to help you with the information.


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