The Federation of Music of Spain (Es_Música) has ensured that the complementary aids to culture approved this Tuesday “they are insufficient” because they “leave out” a large professional group that develops its activity in the music sector.

This has been stated in statements to Europa Press a federation spokesperson after the Council of Ministers has approved a Royal Decree-Law of complementary social measures for unemployment protection and support for the cultural sector, including specific measures for technicians and assistants in the world of culture and for the bullfighting sector, which had been left out of the previous aid.

“In relation to what has been published, read and heard in the media, we value the gesture of life support but we believe that this initiative should be standardized understanding the specific characteristics of the sector “, have pointed from Es_Música.

Specifically, the federation has highlighted that many of the professionals in the sector “They are autonomous and are not within these supported”.

“We consider that they are insufficient and leaves out a large professional group that develops its activity in the music sector “, criticized the Federation of Music of Spain.

The Government estimates that the measure affecting technical and auxiliary personnel in the cultural sector will reach more than 10,000 people and will cost 14 million euros, while the extension of the extraordinary unemployment benefit will foreseeably reach 35,567 artists, with a estimated cost of 95.4 million euros, as they have confirmed to Europa Press sources from the Ministry of Labor.