Premier League Wolves muscle bouquet Adama Traore has repeatedly attracted attention with his muscles. The speeder has been asked many times in what way and with what kind of training program he has grown his muscles.

The Sun also asked Traore, 24, about the matter. The response of Traore, selected for the Spanish national team, may come as a surprise.

– I don’t use weights. My genetics are such that it makes my muscles grow very fast, Traore commented to the magazine.

– I do other exercises. I train a lot of mid-body muscles. Every person needs to do what works best for them. The secret is that you know your body and adapt your training to your physical condition.

Traore says he’s also secreting a combination of exercise, rest and food.

– Food is central and I think it is a very important part of training. Water is vital even though I don’t drink much during matches. Maintaining fluid balance is essential for the athlete.

He eats in a varied, healthy and balanced way. Mom cooks the food.

– He’s the best chef in the world. I also eat a lot of Italian pasta, like other athletes.

Traore suffered from knee problems at a younger age, but physics training has helped with the ailments. One of the most important elements of physical training is balance.

– When I was 15, I had knee problems that prevented me from playing my own game or using my explosive speed. Then I started to strengthen myself in the gym. I was very explosive and needed to do specific training to avoid injuries.

– I do exercises not only to increase strength, but also to avoid injuries.

Traore played yesterday, Friday, 28 minutes in the Spanish national team shirt.