The most unusual Thanksgiving

There is no party more sociable in America than the Thanksgiving Day, when half the country takes the car or gets on the plane to eat turkey as a family and reunite with their loved ones in long after-dinner parties seasoned with American football on television. But this will not be a ‘Thanksgiving’ normal. The coronavirus pandemic has put millions of Americans in the dilemma of continuing with their usual plans or staying home avoiding displacement, as the health authorities have strongly recommended. Everything indicates that trips will be reduced significantly, but less than what the experts claim. Last weekend, airports recorded the second highest number of displacements since the pandemic started.

The celebration arrives in the worst possible time, with virus transmission rampant, winter just around the corner and a depleted population after months of restrictions. Donald Trump He has suspended his plans to travel to Mar-a-Lago, where Thanksgiving usually spends, and will celebrate it this time at the White House. Joe Biden will also stay at his usual residence, who will celebrate the festivities only with his wife, daughter and her husband. “America is not going to lose this war & rdquor;the newly elected president said Wednesday in a Thanksgiving speech in which he asked Americans to thank their democratic system and follow the recommendations of health authorities. “We owe it to each other, it is ours patriotic obligation& rdquor ;, added to mark distances again with its predecessor.

Herculean challenge

The challenge, however, is Herculean. For the first time since August, exceeded 2,000 daily deaths and contagion records are broken almost every day. Around the 175,000 new positives per day, 43% more than the average of the previous two weeks, when more than two million infections were registered. Cases are rising in 48 of the 50 states in the country. Alone Hawaii Y Iowa are saved. And the hospitals they again have trouble accommodating new patients.

Currently there are almost 90,000 people admitted by covid-19, an unprecedented figure since the pandemic began, according to the Covid Tracking Project. States like Pennsylvania they have warned that could run out of ICU beds in a week. “We cannot invent doctors or create nurses out of thin air to take care of patients,” a Minneapolis doctor told CNN this week through tears. “We are very scared of what may come.”

The health authorities insist that family gatherings under the same roof are one of the main sources of contagion and have asked the population not to move, to restrict the meetings to the maximum or to take minimum precautions. They recommend eating outdoors, that diners bring their own food, cutlery and plates or that disposable containers are used for food.

Creative solutions

“People should know that they are endangering themselves and their families & rdquor ;, said this week the doctor Anthony Fauci. Millions of Americans will follow his recommendations, resigned to reaching out for creative solutions. Since Zoom connections to virtually share food with the family to porch and garden celebrations with small groups of neighbors and friends who will replace distant relatives. In recent months, the sale of outdoor heaters and pits to make bonfires, two of the most recurrent solutions to continue living out of doors in the heat of drop in temperatures. But the attitudes of the population they differ enormously according to latitudes, one of the consequences of the fierce politicization of this pandemic.

As this newspaper was able to verify during the recent electoral campaign, in the Pennsylvania mining regions waves Ohio industrial zones very few used the mask, not even in shops or government offices. Just the opposite of the poorest and blackest neighborhoods of Milwaukee (Wisconsin), where everyone wore her. But now the pandemic is so out of control that even republican governors more reluctant to recommend the use of the mask have changed their song to prescribe them at the stroke of ordinances. And it is that long ago this stopped being an urban epidemic. North Dakota It is since the beginning of September the state with the most infections per capita in the country, which accumulates more than 12 million positives and almost 260,000 dead by the covid-19.

Working parents

“I hope we don’t have to repent and say that if we had done things differently on Thanksgiving, thousands and thousands of people would still be with us,” said the Republican Governor of Kentucky this week, Andy Beshear. The population in any case is tired of the continuous swings of its politicians and of criteria that do not always seem to make sense. The Most of the country’s schools have been closed since March To the despair of millions of working parents, but it has reopened restaurants, bars or gyms with some limitations.



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