The most outstanding phrases of the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the United States

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On a hot night, the Republican candidate and the Democrat exchanged accusations and cross disqualifications.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden starred in the first debate towards the presidential elections of the United States, which will take place on November 3. The Republican and Democratic candidates lived several moments of high tension, on a very hot night. There were mutual accusations, questions and even personal disqualifications.

Between the topics addressed, with the moderation of the journalist Chris Wallace, were found: the management of the pandemic, the economic news of the United States, the accusations against Biden’s son for his ties with Ukraine and Russia, the racial question and an eventual turn towards the right in the Supreme Court.

In addition, there was room for outbursts in a debate that, at times, became chaotic.

Joe Biden and the handling of the pandemic in the United States: “Trump has acted irresponsibly, regarding the use of masks and social distancing. I don’t trust him at all, I trust scientists. This is the same man who said that by Easter the pandemic was going to disappear or that we better take bleach He knew how dangerous it was and just didn’t tell him. “

Donald Trump and Biden’s position on the coronavirus: “I have a mask, I have one right here, but I don’t use it like him, every time you see him he has a mask. He may be talking, 200 feet (about 60 meters) away and he wears the largest mask you have ever seen. “.

Joe Biden and Trump’s interruptions in the debate: “Are you going to shut up, man?”

Donald Trump accused Biden’s son of corruption: “Why did the mayor of Moscow, his wife, give his son (Hunter) 3.5 million dollars? What did he do to deserve that? He does not want to answer because he knows I know the truth, his position has been fully shown “.

Joe Biden and the American economy in the Trump administration: “He will be the first president to leave the presidency with fewer jobs than the one he arrived with.

Joe Biden, on the racial question: “Most of the police officers are very decent, but there are bad apples and when we find them we have to take them out and hold them accountable.”

Donald Trump and the danger of white supremacists: “Proud Boys (a group from the far right) take a step back and stay prepared, but I tell you something, I will tell you that someone has to do something with Antifa (anarchist movement) and the left because this is not a problem of the right wing” .

Joe Biden and a harsh qualifier for Trump amid the disruptions: “It’s difficult to talk to this clown, sorry, this person.”

Donald Trump, on suspected fraud: “I’m counting on the Supreme Court to count the ballots. Hopefully I don’t need it, but I’m counting on it because it could be a rigged election, a fraud.”

Donald Trump and Amy Coney Barrett’s candidacy for the Supreme Court vacancy: “We have the Senate, we have the White House and we have an excellent candidate. We have enough time, even if we do it after the election, we can do it later. The Democrats would not hesitate to do it, but they do not have the Senate.”


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