Diego Armando Maradona, born on October 30, 1960 in Lanús and died this November 25 at his home in Tigre, near Buenos Aires, was known as ‘The Golden boy’ apart from ‘The fuzz’ and is considered one of the greatest soccer players of all time.

His goal against the national team in the quarterfinals of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico is considered as ‘The goal of the century’, moment in which the concept of football was invented ‘The hand of God’.

Here is a compilation of some of his most famous phrases:

-“The penalty lOnly those who have the courage to throw them fail you. “

– “If I was dressed in a white suit in a marriage and a muddy ball arrived, I would stop it with my chest without thinking. “

-“Can not be a phenomenon all year. Maradona doesn’t always play Maradona. “

-“For my mother would be willing to kill, to leave football. My mother is the greatest love of my life “

– “I swear on my daughters: I have never taken drugs“. For in 1996 say: “I have been, am and always will be a drug addict.”

– “I scored with a goal with my head and with the hand of God”.

“Seeing Messi play is better than having sex“.

– “I’ve done everything I could and I don’t think I went wrong“.

-“I have two dreams: the first is to play a World Cup and the second is to win it. “(June 1978)

– “I don’t like English football. Besides, I I just want to train in the afternoon“(May 1984).

-“They are killing meThey cannot always keep me in this uncertainty. Barcelona must decide as soon as possible if they want to keep me in the team or not. At this point, everything seems resolved, in addition, Naples’ offer can only be considered excellent “(1984).

– “I want to become poor boys idol from Naples, because they are like I was in Buenos Aires “(1984)

-“Yes, I have argued with the Pope. I have done it because I have been to the Vatican and I have seen all the golden roofs that it has and then I have heard the Pope say that the Church cared about poor children. So, sell the roof or do something! “(1985)

-“Cristiano Ronaldo He is an incredible out of class, I would also make him play at night because he never hides, he never asks to stay out because he has pain in his leg. What charisma! He goes to the field like he goes to the bathroom, with the same naturalness “.

“Is there a female Maradona? Yes, Ornella Muti.”

– “If I am not happy inside, I will not be able to be a champion.”

– “I run, I fight, but above all, dialogue with the ball to amuse people. “

– “Everyone says: this has been the best of Barcelona, ​​this one of Real Madrid … well I am very proud to have been the best of Naples“.

-“I am completely left-handed, completely left-handed: standing, faith and brain “.

-“It is better to love a beautiful and stupid woman. What’s more, it is better that both of us be beautiful and stupid. “

– “I would have been much more than I am if I hadn’t gotten high. I tell the guys not to try it, because you tried it and you were hooked. Yor he had no need because he was a billionaire “.

-“Ronaldinho is too good guy. He gave everything to Barcelona. “