The moments of clash between Trump and Biden in the debate

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The second and last debate between Donald Trump y Joe Biden has been more civic than the first and the moderator Kristen Welker, a journalist for NBC, has done an exemplary job. It has not been necessary to silence the microphone to anyone, although in anticipation there was the technical possibility, and the two candidates have followed the rules of a traditional dialectical duel. That does not mean that in the hour and a half there have been numerous high intensity shocks and moments of high political tension.

The pandemic

The management of the pandemic is Trump’s weakest point and Biden has blamed him “ineptitude” e “irresponsibility& rdquor; and has ensured that, with more than 220,000 dead in the country, “should not continue as president & rdquor ;.

The president for the first time said: “I assume all the responsibility& rdquor ;, although he has immediately once again held responsibility for everything that happened to China. Also, after overcoming his own contagion, he has insisted on his optimistic idea that the US is already going through the worst, he has promised that “the vaccine to be announced in weeks & rdquor; and has promoted the reopening of schools and the economy, questioning Biden’s caution and assuring: “We cannot close our nation or we will not have a nation.”

“People are learning to live with it & rdquor ;, Trump has defended at another time, and then Biden’s response has been devastating:“ people are learning to die with it”.

Children at the border

The clash over immigration policy It has been intense but its climax has been the moment when Welker has addressed the separation of children at the border. This week it became known that the Trump administration still has not been able to locate the parents of 565 of those minors, whom he began to separate in a pilot program in 2017 before applying the following year for a few months the zero tolerance policy& rdquor ;, which he ended up suspending under intense social pressure. Trump has tried to defend that they are carried by coyotes, or that they live “well cared for in good facilities“, but Biden has caught fire and has recalled that he has separated them from their parents, something that he has called “criminal”.


Since last week Trump and the conservative media machine have been trying to resurrect the alleged influence peddling scandal of Hunter Biden, the son of the former Democratic vice president, with obsessive attention to alleged emails and messages obtained by Rudy Giuliani. The campaign intensified just before the debate with the press conference of a former associate of the scion of the Democratic candidate. And it has all been brought up repeatedly in the Trump debate, which has further extended the accusations to single out Biden as a politician. corrupt, directly accusing him of receiving foreign money. Biden not only has sharply denied Instead, he has turned the conversation around and recalled that it is Trump who has not been transparent with his accounts and has not made his tax returns public. “What’s hidding?”

“I know more about wind than you & rdquor;

For the first time in a US presidential debate, one of the established segments has been devoted to the climate change. Trump, who has dismantled many of Barack Obama’s environmental regulations and pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement, has tried to present himself (with little success) as an environmentalist. Biden, on the other hand, has gone into details of his pgreen clothes, focused not only on the fight against the crisis but on the transformation of the economy. There came, for example, the defense of wind and solar energy, a moment that has caused a lit crossover.



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