One minute and 30 seconds. That’s how long the violent scene lasts, caught by the store’s surveillance cameras.

Cristina Joia had entered the area of ​​fruits and vegetables, without thinking about the discussion earlier, when she had drawn the aggressor’s attention to the fact that she had parked illegally and that she had practically blocked access to the parking lot. He did not imagine that she would be brutally attacked, he writes

The images clearly show the moment when the 34-year-old woman enters the same area of ​​the store, takes three steps, and attacks Cristina Joia. One violent blow with the right hand was enough for the victim to be knocked to the ground and seriously injured.

5 seconds later, the attacker left the store and disappeared, regardless of the victim’s condition. The employees were stunned. Cristina Joia began to bleed profusely and, although it was obvious that she needed help, a woman passed by her, looked at her and left.

Later, a man, probably the security guard who had left the building, brought him some napkins to wipe his bloody face.

Alerted with calls to 112, medical and police teams arrived on the scene. Cristina Joia received care and was then transported to the hospital, where she was operated on. The police start to do the first investigations and this is how they see the images with the help of which the suspect was identified.

The individual would tell them that she was not aggressive, but that she reacted brutally after Cristina Joia picked up her car wiper and offended her.

Pre-trial detained since Tuesday, and based on these terrifying images, and sent to the police detention center, the suspect in this case challenged the decision of the district court 4. He even asked the judges of rights and freedoms from the Bucharest Tribunal not to keep her locked up and allow her to be investigated for beatings and other violence in a state of freedom.

The decision will be made next Tuesday.