The moderator shows herself in private like never before

In the new Sky documentary series “Her Story”, Barbara Schöneberger shows herself in private like never before. The moderator was accompanied for a year.

Moderator, entertainer, publisher, actress and much more: Barbara Schöneberger (46) is a real all-rounder and one of the most famous faces of the German TV landscape. She is one of four protagonists whom the Sky broadcaster accompanied for almost a year in front of and behind the scenes for its new documentary series “Her Story”.

“I married the right man”

The entertainer gives insights into her professional life in the documentary, but also shows herself from a private side: when traveling on the ICE, doing sports and even cleaning out her own chicken coop. As soon as the children leave the house in the morning, Schöneberger goes to their chickens: “Sometimes even in my husband’s nightgown and sneakers.” She always hopes that no one sees her – otherwise there would be “unsightly photos,” explains Schöneberger.

During the Corona crisis, she also realized how satisfied she was with her life, the TV presenter explains at a virtual press conference for the station. “I married the right man, have children and live exactly in the environment I always wanted.” In the long-term documentary, not only long-term colleagues and companions but also close friends, their parents have their say. She really wanted Schöneberger with her. Your mother plays a major role in Schöneberger’s life. “She gave me a tip that I still take to heart every day: ‘Put some money on your side and make yourself independent’. And I’m grateful for this tip every day.”

“Women have a comprehensive view”

The aim of the films is to shed some light on what moves the four power women, what they stand for and what they fight for. Barbara Schöneberger is happy to be part of a production that emphasizes women. The entertainer never wanted to be reduced to just being a woman, but she is a big fan of women. “The older I get, the more I see the differences between men and women,” said Schöneberger. “Women do so much and don’t talk about it. Women have a comprehensive view, that’s what makes them so strong.”

The documentary series produced by Sky accompanies protagonists through their everyday work and shows what moves them, what they stand for and what they fight for, and also gives an insight into their lives apart from the public.

“Her Story”: These strong women are still there

On November 24th and December 1st at 9:50 p.m. Sky will broadcast the two-part documentary about Barbara Schöneberger. This is followed by the documentary about the Austrian cook and MEP Sarah Wiener (58) on December 8th, the influencer and young entrepreneur Stefanie Giesinger’s (24) story can be seen on December 15th, on December 22nd actress Anna Loos ( 50) an insight into their life.


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