The model reports after the operation with an important message

American model Olivia Culpo suffers from endometriosis. A disease that she now wants to face with an operation. For years she had been misdiagnosed. She wants to wake up with her contribution.

Olivia Culpo’s Instagram account is flawless – footage from professional photo shoots, pictures in lingerie and on the beach dominate the channel. The most recent contribution to “Miss Universe 2012” stands out all the more. It shows her injured in the hospital, completely exhausted. The words that Culpo writes about it contain an important appeal.

Olivia Culpo has endometriosis

The 28-year-old had an operation because of her endometriosis. “Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue from the lining of the uterus decides to grow elsewhere on your body, causing pain. This can affect fertility and general health and, quite frankly, happiness,” the model explains to her followers . She is aware that her contribution is anything but glamorous, but this disease needs more attention.

Olivia Culpo also reports on the course of the disease and the symptoms that were not taken seriously by specialists. “I’ve struggled around my period for years and I’ve been misdiagnosed by doctors countless times,” she writes. Severe period pain is considered “normal” in society. German stars like model Anna Wilken, 24, draw attention to the topic of endometriosis and encourage women to turn to competent doctors. Endometriosis and the desire to have children: an expert clarifies the most important questions

Olivia Culpo: “Painful periods are not normal !!!”

Olivia Culpo is strongly committed to the subject because of her own story of suffering. “To everyone out there with endometriosis, I understand the depression and general loneliness that can come with a condition that is so painful but so difficult to interpret by other people outside the body,” she continues continue their meaningful contribution.

Sources used: Instagram


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