The model no longer wants to hide her baby

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Fiona Erdmann has been a mother for three months. On the net, however, she usually only shows her son’s head. But now the model no longer wants to hide her baby and surprises us on Instagram with a sugar-sweet shot.

What a cute face! At the beginning of August, ex- “Germany’s next top model” candidate Fiona Erdmann, 32, gave birth to her son. On the net, she regularly lets her followers share in her mother’s happiness. In doing so, however, she usually makes sure that her son is not completely visible or that his face is covered by an emoji. Now the model is making an exception and shows more of his little darling than usual.

Fiona Erdmann: “This love is indescribable”

Fiona published a recording on Instagram this week in which she can be seen with her son. And she gives her community a glimpse of her child’s face, which is completely uncovered. In addition to the snapshot, the 32-year-old dedicates touching words to her baby: “My little darling! It’s been three months in our life now and I can no longer imagine a life without this sugar-sweet creature! This love that extends beyond the last 3 months is indescribable. And what’s even better is that it’s always more fun with him, “she wrote on the photo and video platform. At the same time, Fiona listed what her son can already do: he laughs, he reacts, he cuddles and he is already drooling to himself. To see all of this and to see the development make Fiona Erdmann so proud.

Fiona Erdmann with her son

Fiona Erdmann’s son was born too early

Her offspring were born four weeks before the expected due date, but as the happy mother continues to report, her son has developed splendidly: “A few weeks ago I had a mini-baby in my arms that made one fearful. that it will break soon. Now it has small rolls of bacon and weighs an impressive 6500 grams. ” You can’t wait to see it continue to grow over the next few months. “My baby – all my pride! I love you infinitely!”

But not only Fiona’s followers are touched by this social media post, but also celebrities like model colleague Fata Hasanovic or two-time mom Sarah Harrison. So Sarah writes under the post: “Time goes by so quickly – too quickly”.

Sources used: Instagram


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