The Mjøndalen goalkeeper apologizes after the monster loss: – Very disappointed

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VALLE (VG) (Vålerenga – Mjøndalen 4–1) An enormous mistake by goalkeeper Sosha Makani was the starting shot on a nightmare night for Mjøndalen. Now they have lost six in a row.

Just before the break, Makani messed it up. Bård Finne went for a hopeful shot from distance. He got speed on the ball, but the direction sent the ball straight to the Mjøndalen goalkeeper.

Makani apparently had full control, but the goalkeeper gloves were, as they often say, smeared in Zalo. The ball passed straight through the hands on the last chance, and into Mjøndalen’s goal.

– It’s luck. It’s pig luck. But there were a lot of those goals out there. Lots of changes of direction and weird stuff. The whole first half is strange, says Bård Finne to VG.

Makani lay down flat after the mistake.

– It was my first mistake this season. For me it is a big mistake and I am very disappointed. I have to apologize to the players, the coach and the fans, says the goalkeeper.

Mjøndalen coach Vegard Hansen felt it was difficult to get that score against just before the break and Mjøndalen player Sondre Solholm Johansen believes the goal symbolizes the situation the club is in where the downturns have been in line.

– It’s a bit recurring for us. When we get one in the face when we feel we deserve something else, it unravel a bit. Unfortunately, Sondre Solholm Johansen says to VG after the match and adds:

– There are ten minutes of blackout where it just flows in. That’s a little shit. But we have faith, and I think we were better than Vålerenga in the first place, says the Mjøndalen player.

And it was a very disappointed Vålerenga coach Dag-Eilev Fagermo who met the Vålerenga players in the locker room after the first half. He confirmed to Eurosport that there was no wedding speech in question for the players.

– We play a terribly weak first half, the worst with me as a coach, Fagermo says to VG afterwards.

The pig luck Finne mentioned also ended just over a quarter of an hour after the break. Mjøndalen’s Vetle Dragsnes lifted a post into the box, which Jonatan Tollås Nation stabbed straight into his own cage.


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